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OPSail 2012 – Participation

Participation in OPSail 2012 in Norfolk, Va.

What a great weekend.  Thousands of boaters escorting Tall Ships in the parade of sail.  This year the event OP Sail was held in conjunction with Norfolk’s Harborfest event. 

I was lucky to be able to sail in with the crowd of ships because I know the Captain so well.  I took pictures and amateur video.  So this is a combination of slide show and video to keep the time line correct.  Fireworks at the end came out pretty good even though my battery ran out! 

I’ll have to get scotch tape to keep that Canon Power Shot wheel in the proper place for shooting video next time!  Camera is a little tricky and some of the video was in low quality, sadly, but I patched it all together to make a YouTube movie anyway.  It was fun to eat the food, listen to concerts, see all the ships and visit with lots of family and friends.


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2010 Crazy Snow Storm East Coast

What a crazy snow storm we had on the East Coast! I have been shoveling snow all day (the day after)!!   Here is a video clip I made.

It is a bad video, I was hoping that the snowflakes would show up better. I am kind of new to the video thing. The cats didn’t like the snow either, lol!

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Snow – Isn’t it New – Poser

SNOW – Isn’t it new?

Well for around here, yes!!  This kind of snow is rare for Virginia and North Carolina. The snow rolled into our area this am and it has been hanging around all day. Yikes, we even made the national news!  Don’t get me wrong we do get snow over the course of a year but it usually doesn’t amount to much.

I already brushed a lot of the snow off the cars because if it starts to melt it might be much harder to move.

This snowfall could even make the garden grow better come spring.

I’ll be posting a few video clips later on.

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Virginia Elections 2009 – Poser

Am I happy? 

I voted today and I normally don’t vote for Republicans, as I am a Constitutionalist by nature.  This year I voted totally Republican,  just to get some of the fools, in office, out of power.  Even if it is only in our fine Commonwealth.  

I am happy that the tides have turned in Virginia and New Jersey. Still have my fingers crossed for the State of New York.

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