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Who Controls our Lives? Us or the Government?

Can anyone tell me where the local, state or federal government doesn’t have control over our/your business or personal lives?

Isn’t the government just about everywhere except the bathroom?  Hum…. let me think, maybe in the politically correct toilet paper, water saving faucets and toilets, electricity (environmentally incorrect) hand blow driers or, worse yet,  tree destroying paper towels.

Don’t even bring up AIR because the government is working with the EPA and United Nations to make sure our air is taxed and controlled too!

Oops I might have over stepped my thoughts!


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Republican National Committee – Posers

I received two surveys from the National Republican Committee (NRC).  Numerous phone calls from both parties. I am sincerely annoyed.

I have done these surveys and will be mailing them tomorrow but I thought I would share some of my thoughts about these surveys, they are irrelevant because those nuts in office don’t pay any attention to what their constituents want anyway!!

Let me explain, from the get go, that my Hubby has been a devout Republican for years.  I used to be a long, long time ago but not since I realized both parties are a sham, Democrats and Republicans, alike, and they have decided to take over my life and make me totally beholden to governments in every shape and form (Federal, State, Local).  What a Racket Politicians have going!  Have ya checked out their retirement plans and their health benefits lately?

Woohoo, I should have it so gushy!

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Federal State City or County GOVERNMENT – Poser

Federal, State, City or County Government

Is there anything in our daily lives that is NOT controlled with taxes, restrictions, protections or regulations by any of the above?

I, personally, can only think that it might be Air.  Although, that might have a tax or regulation attached at anytime too! Or is it possible that Air isn’t totally free either?

 I’m really curious if anyone can think of something.  Answers and responses are appreciated!

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