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Pipe Cleaners – I’m Not Talking Plumbing

I ran a few errands this morning.  I was looking for some pipe cleaners – not the pvc kind either, LOL. I needed them to clean my cats water fountain which has some very hard to reach areas.  Hence my need for the pipe cleaners. 

Well, I get to the first store and find out they don’t carry them.  Second store I stopped by was a drug store.  I asked the gal at the register for the pack of pipe cleaners and she rang them up.  At that point you would normally pay.  Not this time.  I was totally shocked when she looked at me and asked me my birth date! 

OKAY, I’m an antique by now and you can kind of look at me and realize that I am old enough to purchase a pack of pipe cleaners!  Apparently I’m very old school and asked her why she needed to type my date of birth into the register.  She told me she had no choice and could not sell them to me without that information.  You know what she said… “The pipe cleaners are considered a tobacco product”.


Give me a break!  I told her how ridiculous this sounded.  To be honest I don’t know if this is a new rule, regulation or just store policy.  I wonder if I went to a craft store would they card me for the same product?  Idiocy.


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A Bailout? Medical Insurance – Obama Care

A Bailout?  Medical Insurance – Obama Care

I don’t know if anyone else has had these thoughts but here goes. Let me be clear here. I’ve never sold insurance, either life, medical or any other version of the product but I was, by marriage, involved with it for 20 years. Over those years and since, I have noticed how things once were and how things have developed.

 I see this Obama Care medical bill as nothing more than a huge bailout for the insurance companies! The politicians (both established parties) can say what they wish but that is the way I see it because the insurance companies got to a point that payouts would probably jeopardize their companies. Cheaper group plans, more rules and regulations by the government controlling what the companies could and must do.

 I remember the days before medical insurance became a prominent thing in society. You know the days when your Doctor was a family friend and they still made house calls. I won’t go into the history because there are many good articles on the internet about the subject. This is just one example.

 I’m just going to stick with what I have experienced over time. I noticed that when insurance came into play with each of these groups I will mention that it did seem very strange to me that the bills always seemed to go higher. When going to your medical doctor, before they took insurance, it seemed to me that one could always reasonably afford the cost. Even a trip to the emergency room was somewhat manageable because there were payment plans. Then as soon as doctor’s offices and hospitals started to really get connected with the insurance companies, the prices seemed to go higher and higher. In a weird twisted way, you kind of had to scramble to be hired by a company that offered medical insurance as a side to the hiring package.

 This really hit home while married to my husband. He worked for a very large insurance group, mostly on the life insurance side back in the day when there was still door to door monthly collections. Now, we had really good coverage to say the least. But I saw so many take advantage of a good thing. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “don’t worry the insurance will pay” or “I don’t care about the cost, I’m insured”. Did they ever check their bills for over-charge? Not many. Another form of abuse in my eyes! My point here might be that the medical insurance became a double edged kind of sword. On the one hand you had patients receiving treatment never questioning the charges and on the other the medical practitioners over-charging. I always questioned the latter and, yes, it did happen.

 Good examples might be chiropractic, dental, and even massage therapy. I remember when I was going to a chiropractor before insurance companies recognized them as viable. The prices were affordable. That group fought long and hard to get recognized by, I guess, the AMA and insurance companies. The minute they were recognized and able to file claims to insurance companies the prices went up, over a cliff! Then you could see the double edged sword again. “Do you have insurance?” if the answer was yes, your charges were higher when you received a bill. And, of course, many customers, early on, did not have coverage. “Do you have insurance?” if the answer was no, you were able to pay what the original quote of care was per visit. Understandable in a way because the chiropractor didn’t want to lose his previous business. But I do believe this practice was considered insurance fraud. I don’t know such details but there were quite a few chiropractors shut down. I guess you cannot have two prices for different groups.

 Same thing happened when I had a lady massage therapist working as a renter from me. She was so excited about being able to submit claims to the insurance companies when the time came around that insurance companies would finally consider massage therapy as necessary and valid. Well she filled out her forms and became certified by the state. Great. Until one day she told me that she was having financial problems and was having a hard time getting me the rent. Well, long story short, she told me she was waiting payments from the insurance companies for the claims she had submitted. I guess she wasn’t thinking when she reveled to me just how much she had been charging the insurance companies and I knew what her rates were to folks that did not have insurance coverage. As said, I had seen this before and told her she would have to leave!! Gee, bad apples make it bad for us all.

 Over the years I have noticed that every time insurance is introduced, prices just don’t go down prices only seem to go up. You betcha! Now you can add dental insurance and veterinarian insurance to the mix. I honestly, don’t know if it is the fraud, litigation or just the cost of living that has made prices go over a cliff. I can only assume that insurance companies wanted to make a profit. I think it got to a point that the many arms of insurance within a company could not sustain all the group plans, general increased costs, limitations of medicare, medicaid and still make their profits. My suspicion is just that unsustainable would be key word. Not enough money coming in to offset the claims. Now, I am not trying to protect big insurance companies for many of the deceptive practices but neither can I protect people cheating them either.

 This is why I think that the new Obama Care that the politicians passed (without even knowing what was in it) was nothing more than a bail out for the medical insurance industry.  A wolf hidden in sheep’s clothing, and this care plan is, certainly, raising its ugly head. Can you tell I have no faith in the political elites up in Washington? They stick their fingers into the pot for power instead of leaving the economy and free market make or break it for any company be it insurance, banks, fanny & freddy, student loans or car dealers. In my opinion if Obama Care is allowed to keep going the prices will never go down and will only go up. It is just in the NATURE of Big Government!

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Federal State City or County GOVERNMENT – Poser

Federal, State, City or County Government

Is there anything in our daily lives that is NOT controlled with taxes, restrictions, protections or regulations by any of the above?

I, personally, can only think that it might be Air.  Although, that might have a tax or regulation attached at anytime too! Or is it possible that Air isn’t totally free either?

 I’m really curious if anyone can think of something.  Answers and responses are appreciated!

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