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Re-purposing German Lace Curtains

Re-purposing Lace Curtains

I have a lot of really nice lace curtains that were made in Germany so the type of hanger system isn’t quite the same as here in the United States.  Over the years I have figured out how to use them with various hooks, they even worked well with a finagled shower curtain loop.

When I moved into this home, however, I found that these lovely curtains would not fit to many of the windows without resewing them.  I did find smaller panels when I first moved in but since they have been hanging on the same windows for at least 15 years the panels have been damaged by the sun and constant cleaning.  It was time for them to go.

The project has an extra day! I inherited this Bernina Record sewing machine from my Aunt, who was a professional seamstress.  Well, it took me an extra day figuring out how to use it.  Thank goodness the “basics book” was with the machine, inside the console.  I must admit that the machine sewed like a champ once I finally got it going.  I did have to make a run to the store and buy some more needles because I wasn’t careful and broke the only one I had.  *blushing now*

Bernina Record

Preparing the fabric.  First I had to release the ruffling string on the top so I could get some solid measurements by laying the fabric flat.  My living room was almost too small.

german lace

I must have measured the window and lace ten times because if I didn’t leave enough allowance for the rod casing there would be no second chance.  Since the curtain came with a hemmed weight in the bottom I knew I wouldn’t have to sew a new hem at the bottom.  But the top would have to be exact.


First step was to cut the top.

german curtains

Then I needed to fold the lace in half because I would be making two new panels to cover four windows, two windows on either side of the room.

german lace curtain

The next step was to seam the top rod casing.  Pinning and measuring then ironing the lace where the seams would be sewn.  I allowed enough fabric to make a one inch ruffle on top and enough room for the rod to slide through.  Total of about three inches.

Here is a snap of the left and right side of the room with the finished lace curtains that have been adapted to a standard curtain rod.

lace curtains


In with the new and out with the old.  Project done.  Thanks for reading.

old lace

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Who Owns My House? – Poser

I wonder who owns my home? Me or the Government?

Cripe, I paid off my home and, now, I get the distinct pleasure of paying a property tax (rent to the city)  if I want to stay here the rest of my life!  Sort of like renting an apartment, just at a cheaper rate.  Well, I suppose, if you consider maintenance and repairs.  I guess I should be greatful!  lol

Although, those cheaper rent rates might not be happening if our city keeps going via the way of California.  Even if I can manage to hang on to it for the rest of my life, without getting taxed out of the house, will my kids even see any benefit from its sale?  Death taxes for them, Woopee!! 

Ain’t it wonderful?

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