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Orwellian Scariness and Government

Orwellian Scariness

When I was in high school I read two books by George Orwell. Animal Farm and 1984. This might not have been such a good idea because even though I was a lousy reader at the time, I couldn’t put those books down! At the time those books really spooked me out and I have remembered the stories my whole life. Just ask my kids. ‘snicker’

I remember when the first George Bush presented his speech to Congress and used the words “New World Order”, I almost fell off the couch. That statement gave me chills. Here we are in 2013 and what has happened to this country in my lifetime is nothing less than scary to me. I guess the Bushs are really proud of their legacy, advancing progressive state-ism. Don’t get me wrong the progressive Republican Bush is just the first one to say it out loud. The progressive Democrats were just a bit more stealthily until Obama got his second term. Now, even NATO is trying to infringe themselves into our country’s laws and regulations.

When we came to the United States, capitalism was the way of life and it was not frowned on. We didn’t have big corporate gouger companies. Companies and Corporations came and went based on their performance. For those to young to have learned what capitalism is it is called competition in the market place. No one was bailed out by the government for their bad decisions. Let alone rewarding bad CEO’s with crazy bonuses.

This government’s elitists have given themselves so much power for so long they have lost touch with the general public and, with the exception of a few new comers who are standing ground, most just don’t give a damn about public freedoms and liberty. Amazing how the elitists give themselves exemption to all the rules they lay on us.

Everyone in the press keeps making excuses for this administration and their progressive cohorts. Awe they just don’t know, they are naive, they don’t lie they just embellish the truth, etc. etc. There is no excuse for trying to rid us of our Constitution and Bill of Rights. Those progressives know darn well what they are doing! Control of the little people. Making sure they are uneducated, giving all the freebies for votes. I just see it as another form of slavery.

Talk about education. Common Core is really insidious. Talk about scary, collecting data on our children from age 5 to 20. If you are a parent you really need to study up on this effort being supported by many with large amounts of wealth. That program even negates our privacy laws. And all done “for the good of the children”.

Obama Care (Affordable Health Care), which the congress couldn’t take the time to read, undermines all small business giving the edge to the larger corporations, like General Electric, who can eat the costs of compliance. Hum, and I think they didn’t even have to pay taxes. Just a little loop hole in our ever growing tax structure. I’ve shared my feelings about this in a previous post.

Sequester has been in the news a lot recently. Yet this administration was given the option by the House to manage the sequester and the White House refused that option. Lets just make it hurt where it would affect everyone as harshly as possible. So, the White House tours shut down, releasing criminals from jails, the administration can order a remake of Gitmo but the administration hasn’t got the money to refurbish ships due to sequester.

The Federal Reserve printing endless money which only pads the stock market. QE Forever. Double Bubble toil and trouble. I recently heard that the government wants banks to ease their rules for new home loans. Isn’t that a bubble that crashed the first time? Oh, yes, we need to do that one again – sarcasm here.

The Postal Service wanted to make necessary cuts and the Congress says no to their efforts. Eventually leading to another bail out, I’m sure.

The Regulation nation has become the reality. Controlling near about everyone from small business to farming, energy resources,water, fishing, air, and anything else under the guise of being Green. Global warming has now become Extreme weather. Have you noticed how they are naming so many storms on the weather channel? Who does this help? Why insurance companies of course. Most policies have higher deductibles for named storms or disclaimers. Get this, in my neck of the woods, my policy can’t give me market replacement value because I’m in a zoned historical and flood section of the city. Double trouble. I even called my insurance agent at one point and, snidely, asked him if my house were destroyed in a storm would I have enough money to build four cinder block walls and a roof because the city won’t allow me to put a trailer on an empty lot.

Where are the Women’s Rights Activists condemning what the Radical Muslims are doing to women, children and, quit frankly, anyone who doesn’t agree with their sharia laws. Don’t get me wrong there are peaceful, fair minded Muslims here in this country. Muslims who have assimilated into the American way of life. But what is going on in the middle east and even other parts of the world like England where they are protecting sharia under their own laws. Might I mention China’s rules on males and female babies. How come the bra burning women’s activists aren’t raising hell about that kind of treatment instead of raising hell about birth control pills?

Then you have the stupid media pundents making dumb comments comparing our country’s relationship with Canada is like that of the Israelis and Palestinians. Give me a break! I don’t think Canada (our friend) has ever dropped bombs across our borders.

It is just so despicable for these progressive politicians and even President Obama jumping on the gun control band wagon because of the Sandy Hook shooting. How many children do they want to have in the news tearing paper, eating pop tarts, pointing fingers in the shape of a gun? Putting fear in a parents right to take a picture of his child holding a rifle, he was trained to use, to share with friends. Ending up with police knocking on your family home.

Oh, I almost forgot to mention the ridiculous spending. Spending money on programs to study snails and fruit flies sexual habits. The green energy companies wasting tax payer dollars without even expecting financial rewards for the stock holders. Lavish trips trips and more trips. Just so much pork and waste in spending in this government is mind boggling. Does the Senate really need free haircuts?

And ol’ Harry Reid won’t bring anything to the table to have a vote on a damn thing. God forbid something might be brought before the President to sign. Oh, unless it is an agenda during a crises that they want to shove down our throats. Then, of course, there is always the trusty faithful Executive Order. I almost forgot that goody. Just skip congress altogether! These dudes can’t balance a budget and I’ve been waiting since Ronald Reagan to see a secured boarder.

Let us not forget that the safety and fairness guys are encroaching into athletics now. No head bumping, no dodge ball, no recognition of honors students. Of course we can’t forget the PC (Politically Correct) police. You cannot say Islamist, gun, illegal immigrant.

I just know that reading George Orwell’s writings was probably foreshadowing for what has now become my future. Lets turn everyone into Sheeple!


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Fiscal Cliff – 2

“Fiscal Cliff”

This is such a dog and pony show!!  I have been watching this Congressional crap for days.  Then the President comes out with his backdrop of middle-income people for a publicity stunt.

The war mongers coming out saying the military will be cut to shreds.  I don’t believe that because they will be able to cut back on bases that are no longer needed.  Or even pull out of areas that don’t want us there anyway, except for the money we give them.  Another story.

None of these congressmen (perhaps a few) want to do anything except pad their own pockets.  Even the President decided Congress was doing such a good job of drama he gave them a raise!!  Whoopee.

Let the g-damn fiscal cliff go over the edge and at least we might see some spending cuts.  The Senate, not the House, hasn’t managed to pass a budget in 4 years.  Since when don’t we take care of our household budgets?  Not the Congress, they apparently don’t need one and just keep printing money.

If there is anyone on the Congressional Hill reading this meager post … stick to your guns and don’t give in to increasing the debt ceiling and not cutting spending.  Stop letting these guys SPEND more money!!!  Look, no matter what the panic is to date (there have been many) let these cuts happen.  This Congress cannot get a grip on reality and maybe if the cliff happens perhaps both the populace and Congress will GET  IT.

Why do we need a crisis?  Congress, particularly the Senate and ol’ Harry should have paid attention to a few things the House has put on their table back in May and even before.  Duh.

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Congress Supreme Court Obama Care

I’m an independent and today’s Supreme Court ruling on health care totally depressed me.  But I am not surprised by it either.  I have a slightly different take on this ruling.  While all the political pun-dents out there have been raising hell on behalf of both political points of view.  None of them ever gave tax a thought.  All the media said was that Congress and the President couldn’t call the mandate a tax because it would never get past the Supreme Court.  HA, isn’t that what they just did?

What a joke, I think those corrosive, political, elites had this as the goal all along.  I think that all three branches of this government have been corrupted.  Congress, Justices and the Executive branches are just no better than the unions, crooked giant corporations, wall street and the lobbyists.

They are all in it for power and control.  And we, the people, pay through the nose. The above are such hypocrites because they always make sure they have all the luxuries that they feel entitled to.  Just think about it, Congress, Justices and the Executive don’t have to have Obama Care.  They have their own first class form of insurance.  Through them the unions and corrupt giant corporations get waivers.  And, not to eliminate lobbyists and wall street, they just get their pockets so stuffed with federal money they can pay for pretty much anything they want.  Oh, poop, I almost forgot the elite rich can even afford to give up their citizenship.

Taxing like this will only play right into the United Nation’s global agenda, my personal opinion.  Because if these political elites can call a mandate a tax, what else can they tax?  How about charging us on AIR!  Oh, well, you breath don’t you?  Carbon taxes with the international community looks ever closer.

This country has cities and states going bankrupt and this (our) government is hell bent on charging the population more money by taxation!  The progressives don’t care about stuffing this crap down our throats.  No wonder this administration has added thousands of IRS agents to their payrolls.  They had to so the revenue from this Obama Care plan can be collected.  Rest assured, the IRS will add loop holes to give friends around whatever part of the medical tax they don’t like.

These progressive government elitists have already forced seniors onto medicare.  If you draw social security, you will loose money to medicare at age 65.  Then progressives mandated that all small children must have medical coverage.  Let’s not forget the poor, medicaid, everyone pays that too.  My thought is that this very big bailout for the insurance companies known as Obama Care is just another way to get the rest of the population into the fold.  Which, now, they have done.

If you have previously read my blog you know I have voiced my opinion on some related topics before. 



You may or may not agree but that is ok. 

Sadly, I remember when George Bush Sr. made the creepy statement “New World Order”.  I think this, once, Great Country is there now.  I pray every day it can be changed back.  I want our leaders to go back to the Constitution.

Thank you for reading my blog.

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Elections and Primaries – Mostly Dog and Pony Show!

Elections & Primaries – Mostly Dog and Pony Show!

I’m sad to say that I think the Presidential Primary Elections have become, what I would call, a dog and pony show! It doesn’t matter what party you are listening to either. This long drawn out Republican Primary is just about as bad as the last Democratic Primary. We get all kinds of promises and once the winners are installed into office the shit hits the fan. Everything they promised is tossed out the window when they are in the Washington Beltway! Primaries are big business for the all the media outlet pun-dents too. And, because of this, the campaign costs have become enormous!

I have been voting for a long time and I have gotten more and more disillusioned every 2 years. I am weary of voting for City, State and Federal officials that really don’t take into account the betterment of the American way of life. I really think that they are all handing us a bill of goods and are (both parties) trying to get rid of Capitalism. One party just does it slower than the other. Does anyone even care about American freedom any longer? I wonder. Just look at the 10,000 or so new regulations this Administration has put out there. Pretty soon they will be regulating when I’m allowed to take a shit. Heck, what has it been 3 years and those jokers in DC, many States and lots of Cities CAN NOT balance a budget??? Where did they go to school, were they ever in math class?

The checks and balances of this government have been turned upside down. Cities take money from their State and are beholden. States take money from the Federal government and they are beholden. Then people take money from all of these entities and then the people don’t want to give up anything because they now feel entitled. It is a vicious cycle. Then the corruption flourishes.

I’m not a rocket scientist so I don’t really understand how the elites draw the electoral lines. That is something that has been a mystery to me for a very long time and, quite frankly, I think most elected officials prefer my stupidity because then there is less likelihood of too many questions about the methods they use from people like me. I’ve even tried to call and write email to talk show hosts because I just don’t understand the legalese that dot gov’s provide on the internet.

All I know is that this is the first time in at least 10 years that one of my local representatives has opposition to his seat. I can’t tell you the countless times that I have gone to the voting booth to write myself in on the ballot because he was running unopposed. I didn’t want his winning to be a landslide! As I see it, officials have made wards, sectors, or whatever you want to call it so that someone has a seat for life.

Primaries, don’t even get me started. I mean only viable 2 parties (who wrote that rule), and the establishment is not giving that up! You have many declared Candidates in a Presidential Election and because the state you live in has crazy, not understandable rules, you can only vote for the selected two. If you are not affiliated with either the democratic or republican party and say you consider yourself an independent you cannot even participate in the so called primary. Would anyone in DC consider a Primary for Independents? Not!

Quite frankly, I think with each election cycle the Congressional Parties have decided who they want to support and just do this dog and pony show to make it look like there are options. That way us schmucks, working in the real world, think there is a choice. They all want the pollsters and the electorate numbers to match up in the end.

It makes me so sad that I have lost faith in the whole election process at many levels but I sure don’t want socialism, a dictator, marxism or communism. What is a person to do? I’ve seen to much history to know better. Oh, I’ll go vote again it is my duty and just hope for the best.

Okay, I’ll cease my thoughts for today. I know this post has been all over the place but it is hard to focus when so many things are going wrong with this Beautiful Country of the United States. 

Thanks for reading.

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Parenting Challenges Today

Parenting Challenges Today

I would hate to be a parent now-a-days. The rules and idiotic regulations imposed on children and parents is becoming exhausting!  I couldn’t imagine being a young parent starting out in today’s times.  It seems to me that as a parent you just, continually, have to look over your shoulder to make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong. This is not to say that there aren’t very, very bad parents walking the streets!  I still think that most parents care for and love their children.

I mean, it starts with the baby in the womb.  If you even get this far.  You go to the OBGYN or Family Doctor and from the get go you are told what you can eat, drink and do, otherwise you might do irreparable damage to your unborn child. Changing your life style to the extreme.  The powers that be have made pregnancy into something that is nearly considered life threatening. Get tests for every stage of the pregnancy. I’m beyond the childbearing years but I remember what ridicule I had to endure because I wanted to have a baby Lamaze and trust me when I told people I preferred home delivery, that was a no no.  Breast feeding, I was called extreme! Thank goodness I had a good family for support.  Child bearing and pregnancy  is a very natural process, women were built for the event!

You bring the baby home and right away you have to have the right crib, play pin, car seat, the list goes on and on. There were many children that lived through a side drop down crib. If you are fortunate enough to find a common sense Pediatrician, you are lucky!  All to often, I feel, these guys are dosing your kids with things they may or not need.  I am really concerned about all the mandated injections! Don’t get me wrong I agree that certain childhood diseases have been stopped but I have doubts about giving immature children medications that alter their mind state.

THEN….. the Kids go to school or should I call them a warehouse or a prison!? Walking through the door to be scanned, frisk, cameras watching, all in the name of “Protection”. (Hum, are cameras in bathrooms now?)  Don’t bring any toy that looks like it might hurt another child.  No hugs from a Down Syndrome child because that is sexual harassment, no pizza unless it is considered a vegetable, food gestapo checking children’s lunch boxes to make sure the kid’s parent has sent appropriate food to school! Did anyone ever bother to ask where the food is coming from?  If your local area is anything like ours the food the cafeterias use is brought in from outside big kitchens and the staff most normally just heat food. So are the school systems providing GMO Foods? Genetically re-engineered foods from Monsanto! And providing loads of Canola  (processed rapseed) because butter or olive oil is not better.  No naming of Holiday’s unless they are totally benign and secular. No salt, no sugar, no soda. No clothing or a gift from a birthday party because they don’t want to offend other children who weren’t invited to the party.  Give a trophy to all the kids and, hell, just pass them because they might feel bad if they got an E (failing grade).  Awe poor baby shouldn’t feel like a dummy even if he/she is!!

By the time the kids get to Middle and High Schools things get even worse. Then, of course you’ve got the real clothing wars.  Have to hang out shopping, and standing in long lines to get the best Nikki’s, Ipods, and cell phones with text so they can talk till they drop or maybe even use that device to cheat on a test.  Hum, nah, parents know that they have to give their kids phones for security.  Who has the best technology?  Here, I do think that parents have to take responsibility. However, parents have been told what to do so often that they have lost touch with reality and common sense too. Crap, I didn’t give my children a labeled shirt until it was Christmas. Even if that item was affordable. Tennis shoes used to be tennis shoes that were cheap till they slapped a label on them!!

Higher Education. Colleges and Universities stress that registering students have to have a computer. Heck, if this government can entitle free cell phones to the poor why can’t they provide a free computer for each student that registers? (sarcasm)  Of course the Professors have a great record too.  Try getting a used book. OH what is that??  Professors get great kick back kudos by promoting new books each season, at great expense to the family of the student. Then, of course, parents aren’t even allowed to see their child’s grades because they are adults now and privacy laws apply. Yet, coming soon, parents will have the distinct pleasure of insuring their young adult till the age of 26.   I can’t imagine what a parent will think when this hits home.  All these things would probably scare any young person from NOT having a child.  It is lot to think about and, today, I sure would have second thoughts. (Sarcasm – instant birth control.)

Teachers and Administration’s running our public schools have lost all sense of reason because they are so scared of the regulations and lawsuits.  I don’t know what their problem is considering they are mostly tenured and can’t loose their teaching jobs, even if they are in the infamous rubber rooms getting paid for nothing.

You’ve got all this crap going on with Debbie Squires telling parents they don’t know how to take care of their own children and teachers know better!  Gee what hootsba. Ms. Squires statement, a video on YouTube because this Huffington Post removed the original version. The Nazi’s, Communists and Chinese (one child per family) and even Islamic Sharia have put teachers and others in charge of the children. It is called indoctrinate them when their are young. If you are a parent pay close attention on the history that is being taught!  (Oops, I forgot, Chinese and Sharia doesn’t recognize a girl much). Then, of course, there is the sex education!  The parent should decide what to tell a child and when. Watch out what your young children are exposed to by Planned Parenthood! Horrible videos. It is old news from 2008 but still relevant that President Obama has said “Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”  I wonder if he let his girls watch one of those Planned Parenthood videos?

What is wrong with Congress?  Have they lost all their power? Can’t they put a stop to all these Czars and Agencies that are putting out these crazy regulations? Congress stop the insanity and leave the child rearing to the parents.

This election cycle has brought up race, faith, and abortion (again), no more than talking points if our Constitution still valid. Congress needs to get on point and concentrate on the economy! But, this topic is for another day.

My thoughts and opinions might upset people but they are my thoughts, they don’t have to be yours. I guess I have just lived long enough to see too many changes that I don’t think are good. If you have comments please keep them  clean. Thank you.

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National Defense Authorization Act: Are we losing our Civil Liberties?

NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)  Signing by President Obama.

I can’t believe I have heard so little about this on the television networks.  To be honest I did hear a little something a while back before the news shifted to the debates and Iowa caucuses.  It was my understanding back then that this legislation would have to make its way through Congress.  Well, I guess Congress members were to preoccupied with their vacations or maybe the President doesn’t need permission.  I’m not a politician so I don’t know the ins and outs of Congress!

Today I was listening to the radio and couldn’t believe my ears. I checked out what I heard at the web site.  From there I saw that the Guardian had gotten this information from John Turley’s blog post.  I even found this information at the Huffington Post.  Where is the outrage from the Civil Liberties Union , they should be raising Cain?  You would think even our local news stations would make some slight mention of this act.

President Obama comes back from his vacation in Hawaii and somewhere along the line he signs this amended act!

I’m very worried about Americans losing their freedoms as this administration applies rules, regulations and acts.  I think all of Washington elites are totally chipping away at our freedoms behind closed doors, on weekends and holidays.  I shouldn’t be worried you say.   I’ve heard the stories from my Mother and my Aunts and Uncles who immigrated here from Germany after WWII and what is going on in this country isn’t feeling too good to me.

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Health Care – Congress Stinks!!!!! – Poser

What is wrong with our Congress???  ……… Health Care Plan  stinks!

Too may pages and much too much of us (people of these United States) cannot even comprehend the language of these sleazy ball Politicians!  😦

Sleazy deals……. Sleazy Promises…… Congress (and even the media) keeps talking about Medicare problems……. it isn’t Medicare that is the problem it is MediCAID !!!

The Dems and Reps are all in on it together because once this freakin’ health care plan  is passed… we are all screwed.

Medicare people have a supplementary insurance company to cover extra costs…… Medicaid doesn’t!   How come no one ever mentions that?  Medicaid is already on everyone’s backside.

Give me a break, Medicaid is where the problem is and that is what the Congress is doing.  Trying to cover Medicaid’s butt.  Hell,  lets put some more welfare on paying people!


I wrote this two days ago and forgot to publish.

I watched television all day yesterday of the congressional proceedings.  Today, I am worn out and just totally depressed because the shady dealings of our Congress.  It has rendered me speechless.

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