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Parenting Challenges Today

Parenting Challenges Today

I would hate to be a parent now-a-days. The rules and idiotic regulations imposed on children and parents is becoming exhausting!  I couldn’t imagine being a young parent starting out in today’s times.  It seems to me that as a parent you just, continually, have to look over your shoulder to make sure you aren’t doing anything wrong. This is not to say that there aren’t very, very bad parents walking the streets!  I still think that most parents care for and love their children.

I mean, it starts with the baby in the womb.  If you even get this far.  You go to the OBGYN or Family Doctor and from the get go you are told what you can eat, drink and do, otherwise you might do irreparable damage to your unborn child. Changing your life style to the extreme.  The powers that be have made pregnancy into something that is nearly considered life threatening. Get tests for every stage of the pregnancy. I’m beyond the childbearing years but I remember what ridicule I had to endure because I wanted to have a baby Lamaze and trust me when I told people I preferred home delivery, that was a no no.  Breast feeding, I was called extreme! Thank goodness I had a good family for support.  Child bearing and pregnancy  is a very natural process, women were built for the event!

You bring the baby home and right away you have to have the right crib, play pin, car seat, the list goes on and on. There were many children that lived through a side drop down crib. If you are fortunate enough to find a common sense Pediatrician, you are lucky!  All to often, I feel, these guys are dosing your kids with things they may or not need.  I am really concerned about all the mandated injections! Don’t get me wrong I agree that certain childhood diseases have been stopped but I have doubts about giving immature children medications that alter their mind state.

THEN….. the Kids go to school or should I call them a warehouse or a prison!? Walking through the door to be scanned, frisk, cameras watching, all in the name of “Protection”. (Hum, are cameras in bathrooms now?)  Don’t bring any toy that looks like it might hurt another child.  No hugs from a Down Syndrome child because that is sexual harassment, no pizza unless it is considered a vegetable, food gestapo checking children’s lunch boxes to make sure the kid’s parent has sent appropriate food to school! Did anyone ever bother to ask where the food is coming from?  If your local area is anything like ours the food the cafeterias use is brought in from outside big kitchens and the staff most normally just heat food. So are the school systems providing GMO Foods? Genetically re-engineered foods from Monsanto! And providing loads of Canola  (processed rapseed) because butter or olive oil is not better.  No naming of Holiday’s unless they are totally benign and secular. No salt, no sugar, no soda. No clothing or a gift from a birthday party because they don’t want to offend other children who weren’t invited to the party.  Give a trophy to all the kids and, hell, just pass them because they might feel bad if they got an E (failing grade).  Awe poor baby shouldn’t feel like a dummy even if he/she is!!

By the time the kids get to Middle and High Schools things get even worse. Then, of course you’ve got the real clothing wars.  Have to hang out shopping, and standing in long lines to get the best Nikki’s, Ipods, and cell phones with text so they can talk till they drop or maybe even use that device to cheat on a test.  Hum, nah, parents know that they have to give their kids phones for security.  Who has the best technology?  Here, I do think that parents have to take responsibility. However, parents have been told what to do so often that they have lost touch with reality and common sense too. Crap, I didn’t give my children a labeled shirt until it was Christmas. Even if that item was affordable. Tennis shoes used to be tennis shoes that were cheap till they slapped a label on them!!

Higher Education. Colleges and Universities stress that registering students have to have a computer. Heck, if this government can entitle free cell phones to the poor why can’t they provide a free computer for each student that registers? (sarcasm)  Of course the Professors have a great record too.  Try getting a used book. OH what is that??  Professors get great kick back kudos by promoting new books each season, at great expense to the family of the student. Then, of course, parents aren’t even allowed to see their child’s grades because they are adults now and privacy laws apply. Yet, coming soon, parents will have the distinct pleasure of insuring their young adult till the age of 26.   I can’t imagine what a parent will think when this hits home.  All these things would probably scare any young person from NOT having a child.  It is lot to think about and, today, I sure would have second thoughts. (Sarcasm – instant birth control.)

Teachers and Administration’s running our public schools have lost all sense of reason because they are so scared of the regulations and lawsuits.  I don’t know what their problem is considering they are mostly tenured and can’t loose their teaching jobs, even if they are in the infamous rubber rooms getting paid for nothing.

You’ve got all this crap going on with Debbie Squires telling parents they don’t know how to take care of their own children and teachers know better!  Gee what hootsba. Ms. Squires statement, a video on YouTube because this Huffington Post removed the original version. The Nazi’s, Communists and Chinese (one child per family) and even Islamic Sharia have put teachers and others in charge of the children. It is called indoctrinate them when their are young. If you are a parent pay close attention on the history that is being taught!  (Oops, I forgot, Chinese and Sharia doesn’t recognize a girl much). Then, of course, there is the sex education!  The parent should decide what to tell a child and when. Watch out what your young children are exposed to by Planned Parenthood! Horrible videos. It is old news from 2008 but still relevant that President Obama has said “Look, I got two daughters — 9 years old and 6 years old,” he said. “I am going to teach them first about values and morals, but if they make a mistake, I don’t want them punished with a baby. I don’t want them punished with an STD at age 16, so it doesn’t make sense to not give them information.”  I wonder if he let his girls watch one of those Planned Parenthood videos?

What is wrong with Congress?  Have they lost all their power? Can’t they put a stop to all these Czars and Agencies that are putting out these crazy regulations? Congress stop the insanity and leave the child rearing to the parents.

This election cycle has brought up race, faith, and abortion (again), no more than talking points if our Constitution still valid. Congress needs to get on point and concentrate on the economy! But, this topic is for another day.

My thoughts and opinions might upset people but they are my thoughts, they don’t have to be yours. I guess I have just lived long enough to see too many changes that I don’t think are good. If you have comments please keep them  clean. Thank you.


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Wutz Up With Halloween – Poser

What is wrong with this Halloween picture? 

I don’t want to be negative about a, once, delightful, event for children BUT I simply can’t take it any more!  This will be my last year for giving out treats to the children.  The adults in my area have just ruined it for me and their kids.

This Halloween I just couldn’t believe the number of “Adults”, coming around with infants, in strollers.  Although, the babies were wearing costumes, they could neither walk or chew candy but the parents with No other small child in site,  came up on the porch to retrieve candy for the infant.  About ten of those senerios! 

And, since when have Adults escorting groups of children think they are entitled to a candy reward?  Coming to the door with their own pillow cases!!  What is up with that?

I, as a giver of candy, shouldn’t be put into a position where I would have to call another person on the carpet.  I don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to have an altercation with me over a candy bar.  Just too many lunie tunes walking the streets these days.   😦 

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