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Wutz Up With Halloween – Poser

What is wrong with this Halloween picture? 

I don’t want to be negative about a, once, delightful, event for children BUT I simply can’t take it any more!  This will be my last year for giving out treats to the children.  The adults in my area have just ruined it for me and their kids.

This Halloween I just couldn’t believe the number of “Adults”, coming around with infants, in strollers.  Although, the babies were wearing costumes, they could neither walk or chew candy but the parents with No other small child in site,  came up on the porch to retrieve candy for the infant.  About ten of those senerios! 

And, since when have Adults escorting groups of children think they are entitled to a candy reward?  Coming to the door with their own pillow cases!!  What is up with that?

I, as a giver of candy, shouldn’t be put into a position where I would have to call another person on the carpet.  I don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to have an altercation with me over a candy bar.  Just too many lunie tunes walking the streets these days.   😦 


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