Speakers of the House John Boehner & Nancy Pelosi

John Boehner and Nancy Pelosi.

What is the difference between the two?

Okay.  I admit I don’t know how the internal politics in the House of Representatives works.  So I’m not to sure about the pecking order.  But I recently heard that the GOP could have nominated Pelosi instead of Boehner to be speaker of the House.  Apparently, it has something to do with seniority.

I’m wondering why progressive republicans didn’t just vote her in to be speaker because the Elite Progressive’s are housed in both the Democratic and Republican parties and they seem to rule the roost!   Heck, at least Pelosi doesn’t stand there crying crocodile tears and she at least tells you up front that there isn’t any reason for reading a bill until it is passed!  The established elites of both parties are from the same progressive box, what would have been the harm?  I, quite frankly, think it would have made a great statement by the GOP.

Plus, the GOP Elites sure have done everything to squelch the new guys on the block for the last two years.  You know, the crazy guys, we, the people elected to try and bring some sanity to the Government SPENDING.  I really hope the newbies can stick to their guns and stand firm.  Get rid of the pork and crap spending on stupid stuff like shrimp on tread mills.

If any of you Newbie Conservative types stumble upon this post, I wish you the best and really hope Washington Elites don’t swallow you up.


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Fiscal Cliff – 2

“Fiscal Cliff”

This is such a dog and pony show!!  I have been watching this Congressional crap for days.  Then the President comes out with his backdrop of middle-income people for a publicity stunt.

The war mongers coming out saying the military will be cut to shreds.  I don’t believe that because they will be able to cut back on bases that are no longer needed.  Or even pull out of areas that don’t want us there anyway, except for the money we give them.  Another story.

None of these congressmen (perhaps a few) want to do anything except pad their own pockets.  Even the President decided Congress was doing such a good job of drama he gave them a raise!!  Whoopee.

Let the g-damn fiscal cliff go over the edge and at least we might see some spending cuts.  The Senate, not the House, hasn’t managed to pass a budget in 4 years.  Since when don’t we take care of our household budgets?  Not the Congress, they apparently don’t need one and just keep printing money.

If there is anyone on the Congressional Hill reading this meager post … stick to your guns and don’t give in to increasing the debt ceiling and not cutting spending.  Stop letting these guys SPEND more money!!!  Look, no matter what the panic is to date (there have been many) let these cuts happen.  This Congress cannot get a grip on reality and maybe if the cliff happens perhaps both the populace and Congress will GET  IT.

Why do we need a crisis?  Congress, particularly the Senate and ol’ Harry should have paid attention to a few things the House has put on their table back in May and even before.  Duh.

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Happy Holidays

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Generators and Nicholas Kristof

Recently I read an OP-ED article written by Nicholas Kristof, published in the New York Times, that really made me mad. The reason you might ask? He made me feel like I was grouped in with some sort of rich elitist because I had the foresight to buy a generator for home protection against storm threats.

 His article incorporated many issues, many of which I disagree with but I can only tell you from experience that I am neither rich and never was. I had been an independent cosmetologist for many years before I retired and I can assure you (my readers) and Nicholas that I never made much more than $20,000.00 net income. I retired last year, reasons I won’t go into but the current administration didn’t help.

 In the second paragraph of his article he says referring to generators, “Such a system can cost well over $10,000”. Not mine, unfortunately, I couldn’t buy one of those units which normally run on clean natural gas. I had to settle for one that runs on gasoline (quoting Nicholas “highly polluting”) and not on wind or solar. Lets face it wind and solar wouldn’t help me keep my sump pump running!

In his fourth paragraph he discusses, broadly, the failure of the electrical grid, which I could agree with. But, first, I think the government monopoly should step out of the way to let things get done with a free market and competitive attitude. That disastrous storm (Sandy) had nothing to do with the electrical grid inefficiency. All the power lines were washed away, broken and downed, along with the houses from the storm surge. Freakish but I doubt global warming.

Again he states “It would make more sense to invest those resources in the electrical grid so that it wouldn’t fail in the first place”.  I live in an area that is in many hurricane paths.  I am not rich and now on a fixed income, my home was gifted to me by my mother as my inheritance while she was living so the wonderful government wouldn’t penalize us both with taxes. Quite frankly, after the first year I lived here, it didn’t take but one flood (during Nor’easter) in the basement for me to have a light bulb go off and think that the next thing on the list to install was a sump pump! Next major thing on the top of the needs list was a generator to keep the sump pump running. Just in case the next flood came from a hurricane. I had to save up for it for a couple of years and I got one that is big enough to run the refrigerators, freezer, lights. I’ll be cold because the generator isn’t big enough to provide heat but at least I’ll have food. Using my extra resources, I considered the investment in a generator as common sense!

The last half of his article goes in many directions:

Global warming-my response, I haven’t been convinced yet.

Infrastructure-my response, true because both Democrats and Republicans can’t seem to focus and they keep spending money on stupid things like watching a shrimp walk on a treadmill, studies and regulations on toilets that don’t flush and bridges and trains to now where. They are good on waste for sure.

Crime problem-my response, how many policemen would you need to reign in the crime in Detroit?

Public schools-my response, just how many teachers do you want per student? One on one? And, just how many fat cat politicians in Washington DC have their kids in DC’s public schools? Not even Pres. Obama sends his girls there and he took away a new and improved school system that parents liked.

Public libraries-my response, remember the internet? Children have access to books with modern technology. Even the government is providing computers and i-pads or whatever is available.

Public parks-my response, it is just another way of government confiscating more and more land so it cannot be privatized. Oh, and have you heard of  UN Agenda 21?

Public playgrounds-my response, I would suggest that local governments spend their allotted monies more wisely and, again, get rid of the waste.

Chad, Pakistan, Mitt Romney and the likes of Public Broadcasting in the same paragraph-my response, give me a break with big bird, Romney lost, Chad & Pakistan high walls and glass shards??? What has one to do with the other?

Poverty-my response, our poor are doing a whole lot better than the poor in, say… Chad. Poor girl in Pakistan, who was shot for wanting education, does Malala Yousaf remind you? I think our poor with food and amenities have it a whole lot better.

Fiscal Cliff-my response, I’ve already voiced my sentiments on a previous post.

Tax rate lower than secretaries-my response, that is so misleading and has been throughout the champagnes. Since most people don’t understand the difference between gross, net and assets a person has already paid taxes on. Heck, lets bring that death tax back. I’ll be penniless before these guys (Senators) up on the hill can even come up with a darn budget. Unlike, my household.

And last but not least, Inequality-my response, I like inequality. That alone always made me work harder to achieve because I wanted to be rich. Unlike the politicians in the Capital who get their paychecks from the taxpayer and manage to exempt themselves from capping their own salaries and exempting themselves from what they impose on us, like Affordable Health Care!

There, I have vented and I am happy I have a meager generator. Better yet, Nicolas, I would even run a plug over to my neighbor’s homes if they needed the help to keep their food from spoiling.  I call it Sharing the Power.  You would call that sharing with the collective.

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Fiscal Cliff

Don’t you just love politicians? How many times do we have to listen to the disagreements about the fiscal cliff? How many years and band-aids? And, now, us citizens are going to have to deal with the lame duck session! Whoopee!

The blame game begins. What have either of the parties done for us (citizens) except take our hard earned cash and spend more money? These guys and gals working up on Capital Hill are so protected from everything. They don’t have to follow the rules they hand down for us, they have made themselves exempt.

So, my thought. Let the damn fiscal cliff hit. What the heck, I would sooner have it hit earlier than later because the economy is been going downhill fast and isn’t going to be any better in 2013 anyway. Then maybe somebody up in the Congress will get their butts in gear. (Only wishful thinking here.)

You’ve got the Federal Reserve printing QE Forever which has caused the world monetary system to down grade the U.S. triple A rating.

Prices going up, up, up. When was the last time anyone on the Hill went to a grocery store to do their own shopping?

Unions ruling the roost for all of their benefits. Bankrupting large cities and even some states teetering. Quite frankly I don’t want the government to give them bailouts because they are to big to fail, but they (politicos) will, what is new? How many taxpayer dollars will it take to bail out the “to bigs to fail”  before citizen taxpayers out there realize it is OUR money those crooks on the Hill are spending?

So what the heck, I say go for it you Political a$$holes. You’ve got yourself and your political buddies covered. Just go ahead and screw us little guys with your regulations, affordable health care, meanwhile taking our civil liberties away, and at every turn making us go through security check points and personal encroachment for our OWN protection.

These Politicos haven’t been able to come up with a budget for three and a half years so what makes anyone think they can come up with a solution to the Fiscal Cliff? Plus, we might never see a real budget again.

Sooner or later, maybe, some normal people will get a slap in the face and wake up. My fear is probably never because the News Media is just as corrupt and they have the crooked politicians backs.

I’ve saved my whole life and with a government like ours I’ll probably end up penniless begging for one meal a day! Oh, with no trans-fat, salt, sugar or anything else in the food chain they want to turn into ethanol and deem bad food for me. But beggars can’t be choosers, can we?

So you Capital Hill Politicians, let the damn Fiscal Cliff begin!!

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Politics Economy Vote

Hello my Friendly Readers.

I am sorry I haven’t posted a blog for such a long time but I have been consumed with what is going on in this election process and events around the globe. To that point I have not been able to even touch on so many of the topics that have enraged me. Some of the things I have heard and seen have just left me totally speechless. Jaw dropping information. Thank goodness for the internet.

The news pundents, pollsters and media have been dreadful. Oh and lets not forget the PAC ads (they should be banned). The half truths, lying by omission, and flat out lies have been horrific!

What happened to civility? Transparency? Economy and jobs? Foreign relations? My questions go on and on.

Embassy murders, sharia extremists burning, rioting, and attacking our embassy’s in a host of middle eastern countries, gas prices off the rector scale because the EPA won’t allow drilling, coal and virtually shutting down our own natural resources (wait till you need heating in the winter), food restrictions of salt, sugar and the size of a soda.  I am one of the aged but I don’t think anyone is going to throw me off a cliff.

Oops, I could be wrong about the cliff statement. If gas, food and household necessity prices keep rising that cliff thing will probably just happen to all of us. To make matters worse the government keeps printing bogus money with their QE-Forever! What the heck is Bernanke thinking? My mother and I were immigrants and coming from Germany she had stories about the inflated mark. Trust me those stories about that inflated money were not good.

Then you have European countries running amok because the people don’t want to give up their freebies.  Even U.S. is heading down the European path.  Heck with my little income of social security I even qualify for a cotton pic-kin’ free cell phone, which I won’t take!  Socialist, Communists, Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi parties making progress in the elections in foreign countries.

Now here in the U.S., of course, we get weeks of stupid information like the gaffs Biden makes, Big Bird, and stupid stuff like binders. Who gives a shit? Geez Big Bird is a big conglomerate and is broadcast world wide. Why should the tax payer subsidize the bird? The bird even got stimulus money, give me a break.  Real news might be refreshing.

Crap with drug cartels on the unsecured borders.  Mind you congressional Republicans and Democrats, alike, don’t want to address this because they don’t want to deal with the issue. Cartels for drug smuggling digging huge tunnels under the border? Well how about finding them and then blow the damn tunnels up!

I’ve mentioned before, in previous posts, that I have always been an independent voter but this year I have actually volunteered to pound the pavement and get involved because if we don’t get out and VOTE I fear this country is going to hell in a hand basket and I for one do not want to be ruled by the United Nations. Can you believe these jokers (UN) are coming here to monitor our elections!  Most of them have no clue what a Republic is!  Oh and have you heard of Agenda21?

Sorry, I did rant on way too many topics but I have taken a lot of thought about keeping this post as clean as possible. I guess I’ll just turn on the NEWS and get a recap of Dancing with the Stars.

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2012 Debates and an Independent Voter

I consider myself to be a independent voter, have been for years and years. I might add that I have gotten grief for that too because people have always told me I’m waising my vote.

The 2012 scheduled debates are really looking like a joke to me. What morons set these up? Blushing. I just found out, Commission of Presidential Debates. This commission states that they are non-partisan. I don’t believe that after I have read about who, what, where and when these debates are going to be laid out.

 I really have issues with the chosen moderators. Jim Lehrer (Host of NewsHour on PBS), Martha Raddatz (ABC News Chief Foreign Correspondent), Candy Crowley (CNN Chief Political Correspondent), and Bob Schieffer (Host of Face the Nation on CBS). All are liberal leaning to one degree or another. This commission couldn’t find one moderator that might be an independent, conservative or even a little younger? I was under the impression that the two major parties were trying to win over the independent voters out here in the real world.

When I heard that the debate questions were going to be screened and that the moderators, as liberal as they are, were not going to be allowed to ask questions about certain topics like the economy, maybe! What kind of crap is that? Get real. Why bother having debates if the questions and answers people want to hear about are not going to be allowed. What are the moderators going to ask about? What necktie, football/basketball, dogs, grannies over cliffs or what was had for lunch?

You would think that the press/moderators would be really ticked off! Talk about control, when the press cannot ask pertinent questions related to the whole of our economy.

As an independent I sure would like to hear what ALL party candidates have to say about serious issues, not just the fluff. The devout Democrats and the devout Republicans are going to vote their party affiliation. But, I for one, want to hear both sides and if moderator’s questions are squelched, what is the point of a debate? The media should be able to ask important questions to all four of the party candidates (President Obama, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Paul Ryan). Just ask the darn hard questions and let us independents make up our own minds.

Outrageous nonsense!

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