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Tooting My Own Horn

Tooting My Own Horn

Yesterday morning I finished decorating my internet store front for a contest that Online is sponsoring.  I only bring this up because it took me a little longer than anticipated!

I have learned a little html and Css code over the years, enough to get by so I could make nice selling pages.   What always amazes me is how quickly you can forget simple code when it hasn’t  been used in just a few months.  I guess the old adage holds true, “You don’t use it, you loose it.”

Come visit and take a peek at my decor.


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Tutorial for Store Categories

I sell at Online I participate in the chats and try and help new members understand how to set things up.  When going to a new auction site, well, sometimes it is confusing.  We members at OLA try to lend a hand without making fun of someone new.  Here is a tutorial I just finished… OK OK… I know it is kind of dorky but it gets the point across.  I’m no movin’ picture star!!  I sell unique items and would love to have you visit my store at OLA.  I go by the name of Aesthetics48, come and visit.  *Blushing*  I’d better have MY categories right, lol.

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New Year Wishes 2010

Just wanted to wish all my readers,  shoppers and friends a very prosperous New Year!

And a heart felt thank you for following this blog.

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Holiday Slide Show

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OLA Brigade Tours Iowa!

Friends at getting together to have some fun in the real world.

  Passing out literature and business cards from many of our members and wading through tons of mud to boot.  The Flea Market in Iowa will never be the same!

Video provided by FleaPirates and DraggonTagger.

Of course you can click this logo to view a couple of things I am selling too.


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More Halloween Decorations at OLA

This post is courtesy of Fleapirates Plunder.

2336557172_82901afe88_o is sponsoring a contest for the
Best Decorated OLA House.
The contest runs from now until October 29th,
with the winner being announced on October 30th.
The Grand Prize is $100 in
OLA Auction Enhancement Credits!


So, Founding Members, what are you hanging around for?
        Get those houses decorated!


Keep visiting the OLA site
to see all the Spooky Stores at!
There is plenty of time to enter,
so I expect we’ll see many haunted houses in the next month.
Right now there are 4 fantastic houses
entered into the competition.
Want a sneak peek?
Click on the banners below!





We hope to see you soon! Happy Halloween!


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Halloween Decoration

Just a quick post to let you know that I have worked pretty hard to decorate my OnlineAuction Store for Halloween.  I’m a novice to html but I gave it a whirl anyway.  *giggles* 

Check it out, if you like, because I will change it back when Halloween is over.  It will probably make you a little dizzy! Just click the banner below. Thanks.

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