A Personal Note


“My Weblog”

am new to blogging but am familiar with the internet. I got started when
my dad bought me my first Gateway computer so I could stay in touch with
my kids when they went off to college. Now, mind you, during the early
years, we tinkered with a computer called a KPro and then a small Atari
Computer. While helping my youngest son learn the Atari by going to a
support group we, also, learned how to go on line and use bulletin boards.
So, I guess, blogging is sort of like posting to a bulletin board or chat
forum and waiting for any views or responses.

about eight years ago I got interested in online sales. I wanted to sell
some personal things and thought online sales and the internet would get
more traffic than the local newspaper. Much to my suprise it did! I have
been doing online auctions ever since. I always tease my husband that
I had to start listing auctions for friends, family and aquaintences so
that I wouldn’t list him! Naw, really, I have got to keep the ol’ boy
because we are avid golfers and I really need a regular partner. *giggling*

I do like to add some graphics to my pages and my auctions. That’s the
fun stuff! Recently, I am trying to learn how to make my own. I guess
silly things keep me entertained and reading, writing and posting keep
the gray matter alert. I am not getting any younger and have to ward off
mental degeneration!

so much for introductions. Now the reason for starting this combined blog.
One: I many questions that run through my head that I would love answers
to! There are many more people out in cyberspace and am hoping some might
see the sense in my posting of these questions, queries and posers. Two:
I have online auctions and would like to have more views to that site.
Three: I love gardening and have built a little Journal of its development
and wanted to share with others. Last, but not least, I love to fool around
on the internet.

you get a chance join me at my auction venue.

for stopping by

Sites I love because they belong to my sons:

Outside the Skin



5 Responses so far »

  1. 1

    Pat J said,

    Hi, G! House maint is a pain in the butt, but thanks for telling about it. And I have been visiting the ola event. Thanks. Pat

  2. 2

    Iva said,

    Great blog Ace and right on….

  3. 4

    Hello- I came across your March 2013 posting regarding the planter box on wheels. I am looking for a sealer for a box that I am building. How did the Henrys Sealer hold up? Thanks for the info.

    • 5

      grouchow said,

      The Sealer is holding up better than my white paint. One thing I didn’t think to do was use more caulking around the cracks where wood butts together.

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