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Pipe Cleaners – I’m Not Talking Plumbing

I ran a few errands this morning.  I was looking for some pipe cleaners – not the pvc kind either, LOL. I needed them to clean my cats water fountain which has some very hard to reach areas.  Hence my need for the pipe cleaners. 

Well, I get to the first store and find out they don’t carry them.  Second store I stopped by was a drug store.  I asked the gal at the register for the pack of pipe cleaners and she rang them up.  At that point you would normally pay.  Not this time.  I was totally shocked when she looked at me and asked me my birth date! 

OKAY, I’m an antique by now and you can kind of look at me and realize that I am old enough to purchase a pack of pipe cleaners!  Apparently I’m very old school and asked her why she needed to type my date of birth into the register.  She told me she had no choice and could not sell them to me without that information.  You know what she said… “The pipe cleaners are considered a tobacco product”.


Give me a break!  I told her how ridiculous this sounded.  To be honest I don’t know if this is a new rule, regulation or just store policy.  I wonder if I went to a craft store would they card me for the same product?  Idiocy.


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