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Hello my Friendly Readers.

I am sorry I haven’t posted a blog for such a long time but I have been consumed with what is going on in this election process and events around the globe. To that point I have not been able to even touch on so many of the topics that have enraged me. Some of the things I have heard and seen have just left me totally speechless. Jaw dropping information. Thank goodness for the internet.

The news pundents, pollsters and media have been dreadful. Oh and lets not forget the PAC ads (they should be banned). The half truths, lying by omission, and flat out lies have been horrific!

What happened to civility? Transparency? Economy and jobs? Foreign relations? My questions go on and on.

Embassy murders, sharia extremists burning, rioting, and attacking our embassy’s in a host of middle eastern countries, gas prices off the rector scale because the EPA won’t allow drilling, coal and virtually shutting down our own natural resources (wait till you need heating in the winter), food restrictions of salt, sugar and the size of a soda.  I am one of the aged but I don’t think anyone is going to throw me off a cliff.

Oops, I could be wrong about the cliff statement. If gas, food and household necessity prices keep rising that cliff thing will probably just happen to all of us. To make matters worse the government keeps printing bogus money with their QE-Forever! What the heck is Bernanke thinking? My mother and I were immigrants and coming from Germany she had stories about the inflated mark. Trust me those stories about that inflated money were not good.

Then you have European countries running amok because the people don’t want to give up their freebies.  Even U.S. is heading down the European path.  Heck with my little income of social security I even qualify for a cotton pic-kin’ free cell phone, which I won’t take!  Socialist, Communists, Muslim Brotherhood and Nazi parties making progress in the elections in foreign countries.

Now here in the U.S., of course, we get weeks of stupid information like the gaffs Biden makes, Big Bird, and stupid stuff like binders. Who gives a shit? Geez Big Bird is a big conglomerate and is broadcast world wide. Why should the tax payer subsidize the bird? The bird even got stimulus money, give me a break.  Real news might be refreshing.

Crap with drug cartels on the unsecured borders.  Mind you congressional Republicans and Democrats, alike, don’t want to address this because they don’t want to deal with the issue. Cartels for drug smuggling digging huge tunnels under the border? Well how about finding them and then blow the damn tunnels up!

I’ve mentioned before, in previous posts, that I have always been an independent voter but this year I have actually volunteered to pound the pavement and get involved because if we don’t get out and VOTE I fear this country is going to hell in a hand basket and I for one do not want to be ruled by the United Nations. Can you believe these jokers (UN) are coming here to monitor our elections!  Most of them have no clue what a Republic is!  Oh and have you heard of Agenda21?

Sorry, I did rant on way too many topics but I have taken a lot of thought about keeping this post as clean as possible. I guess I’ll just turn on the NEWS and get a recap of Dancing with the Stars.


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    catalpa220 said,

    Ace, you said it and I love it and agree with every word. My husband actually wakes up in the night worried about OB taking everything over. There are people out there that are still drinking the kool aid and not thinking straight. Very disturbing. so…..what’s happening on DWTS?

  2. 3

    Ace I love this post. You tell it like it is and I keep putting my two cents in where I can without getting kicked out or off a site. BHO must go and if not you will never see America as it used to be. My hubby was the first in his family to be born in the U.S.A. His parents are / were hungarian. They have told us things that were unbelievable until I look at our country and see some of those things starting to happen here. God bless us all and I keep praying and mouthing off hoping a lot of people wake up and see the light and vote Obama out.

  3. 4

    Aw, Ace, you hit the nail on the head. Too bad it wasn’t a few of the REAL heads trying to run the country . . . . I fear they need it. I am afraid we are in for a rough haul in this country.

    One of the biggest mistakes is turning our back on Israel. If we do that, well, the Bible warns us on that one for those not paying attention and Obama has pretty much done just that although he said differently in the debate!!

    The man cannot get people to work together . . . period . . . and doesn’t even try!! He just says “it’s my way or the highway” and runs off to the next golf tournament or campaign stop. I think his advisors really told him off about running off to a campaign stop after the hurricane!! Probably tied him up . . . . and the media with their comment “The president toured devastated New Jersey with onetime critic Gov. Chris Christie. ” like Gov. Christie is now a supporter!! Shame, shame!! Just because he is grateful for the assistance of the federal government does NOT mean that Gov. Christie agrees with everything Obama stands for!! Makes me almost puke.

    It’s not that Obama can’t get the Republicans to cooperate . . . . he can’t get ANYONE to cooperate. He is NOT a leader. Just a user . . . of us.

    Thanks, Ace!! I’m back in iowa now, watching all the ads between Romney and Obama. Gosh, I’ll be glad when it’s done. I pray that we can succeed in making Obama that one term president that he so heartily said he would be if he didn’t succeed!!

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      grouchow said,

      @KK….. Glad you’re back and I’m with you we need to get this election stuff over with. I think they should shorten campaign times too!! ONE year should be enough!

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