Romney Speech Introduces Ryan on Wisconsin

Romney Speech on the Wisconsin in Norfolk, VA

Romney said during his speech at the Wisconsin when he announced Paul Ryan one little thing that made my hair stand on ends. The words were Repeal and Replace Obama Care.

That bothered me quite a bit because up until now I thought the RNC (Republican National Committee)  platform, Romney and the Republicans, were saying was to get rid of Obama Care, period! Then he (Mitt Romney) did his speech to introduce Ryan during which he made the statement Repealing and Replacing. Replace is not a word I wanted to hear in that sentence.

Now, do the Republicans still want to control all of citizens just like the Democrats? I’ve made comments before about how I thought that this Obama Care (National Health Care Act) was nothing more than a bail out of the Insurance Companies that could not sustain their costs and spending. I hope the Republicans are not disguising another ploy for control of the general public!

This is the excerpt of the transcript portion from Fox News:

As poverty has risen to historic and tragic levels with nearly one out of six Americans now having fallen into poverty, we will act to bring these families into the middle class. Unlike the current president, who has cut Medicare funding by $700 billion, we will preserve and protect Medicare and Social Security and keep them there for future generations. And under the current president, health care has only become more expensive. We’re going to reform health care so that more Americans have access to affordable health care and we’ll get that started by repealing and replacing ObamaCare.

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  1. 1

    I’m not sure what they mean by the “replace” part. I do think something needs to be done about healthcare but not where it is mandated to have insurance, etc.

    I think the insurance companies have gone a long ways into getting us in this mess. Yes, it is up to each person to be sure that the bills submitted are really their bills and are legitimate. But, the insurance companies have gotten so big, so demanding, that the healthcare professionals have had to break charges down to the nth degree to get paid . . . . . and can the average person understand the charges even if they do get a copy? No.

    Remember what it was like to go to the doctor and if you could cram all your questions and problems into one visit, you were charged for one visit. No more . . . . . . . now you get charged for each little thing that happens. I’m surprised they don’t charge for the taking of temperature and weighing in when you first arrive!!

    And the hospital bills are even worse!! You are charged for every little thing, the aspirin, the gloves, the tubing, the lotion, the kleenex, and probably even the toliet paper!! Not sure that was a joke, either!!

    So, even if we could understand or even GET the itemized bill, would we do anything about it? We should but do we? Do we dissect the bill and determine if it was a legitimate charge? And refute those that aren’t?

    I think that the industry has become so big and so wasteful that they (medical and insurance companies) would prefer we don’t know anything!! Medicare is the same!!

    As long as WE are not directly responsible for our bills, WE aren’t going to pay any attention, which means WE get screwed in the long run!! Driving up costs for both insurance, medicare and medicine in general. There is no end in site.

    But I will agree, it does make me wonder what he meant. Even so, I will still vote for the Republicans because I KNOW that to have another four years with President Obama is to destroy our country.

    Thanks for pointing it out!!

    • 2

      grouchow said,

      @KK I sure agree with you. Bills are starting to look more like airline charges. Surprise!! And you thought you were flying cheap, when you get the bill you choke. These politicians have made a mess of things because they keep sticking their noses where they don’t belong. I don’t have much choice myself because there are no credible third party alternatives so I will have to side with the republicans, too, because the alternative will bankrupt this country.

  2. 3

    My take on insurance is if they would allow us to buy across state lines then all insurance companies would have competition and you would see prices come down. In July I had to go see a neurosurgeon and just Thursday 8-18-12 I got a bill from them for 878.00. Called them and they said they do not bill and gave me the number to the billing company. A charge they could do without if you ask me. Well when I talked to someone there they ask for my card number and then said that there were too many 2’s in the bill and I could tear mine up as I do not owe it. First: How do they know at the time I was talking to them that insurance would pay and second: why tell me to tear it up. I got the feeling they were already paid and they could scare me into paying them from my end. NOT GONNA HAPPEN WITH ME. I check every bill that comes into this house and question them. I certainly do not want OBAMACARE and I listened to Romney and Ryan. Ryan is the smarter of the two I believe and he seems to know we need a new system for health care but he also knows we will not fall for anything that we have no say in. I hope so anyway. I am just afraid if we do not replace Obama we will be a third world country and will not know America as it is now. I am still ticked that we do not have our triple A rating back and we will not ever if they keep printing money and spending money. Sorry to go off on a rant…..Great post.

  3. 5

    catalpa220 said,

    I don’t know about you all, but since the BHO presidency turned south I’ve tended to become more and more paranoid… I am trying to maintain my common sense and pray for the best.

    I do know that at least in Colorado when you are in the hospital..any meds they give you that you normally take…are not covered by Medicare and they bill you an exorbitant amount per pill. I was there only for a test that lasted all day and they brought me a bunch of pills to take, which I took. A month later or so I received a bill for over $700 for Self Administered Drugs. I called for an explanation and was told it was for my normal pills I take daily. After getting a copy of the detail and dealing with a bill collector, it’s fixed. Now when I go to the hospital I put all my meds in their orig containers in a big ziploc bag and take them with me and I write all over the admitting papers NO SADS.

    It’s not simple any more..gotta be ever vigilant and alert for sure.

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