Black Walnut Ice Cream

What ever happened to Black Walnut Ice Cream?  High’s Ice Cream Shops used to carry Black Walnut ice cream but most of the stores around here have closed their doors.  I wish they would come back to town.  I wonder if anyone else makes black walnut ice cream?  Hummmmm  I’ll have to search the web.

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    I remember Black Walnut Ice Cream!! Hubby couldn’t eat it cuz he was allergic but I loved it. Just couldn’t eat too much at one time. Maybe it’s because the black walnuts are scarcer??

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    catalpa220 said,

    Ace, did you sign up to put advertisements in your blog post? Looks like it…. So much stuff from when we were kids has disappeared…I really liked Black Jack Gum…hohum. This makes me start thinking about all the things that were…..(sigh)

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      grouchow said,

      @catalpa220… No, I haven’t signed up for advertisements. I certainly don’t see any but I have heard that google plus is placing ads in some browsers, I’m not too sure. Yup, hard to find licorice too.

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    chvad said,

    Blue Bunny make a Black Walnut ice cream. I’ve had other stuff by them and they are usually pretty great. Here’s a link:

    And a link to where you can still get Black Jack gum! lol:

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