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Congress Supreme Court Obama Care

I’m an independent and today’s Supreme Court ruling on health care totally depressed me.  But I am not surprised by it either.  I have a slightly different take on this ruling.  While all the political pun-dents out there have been raising hell on behalf of both political points of view.  None of them ever gave tax a thought.  All the media said was that Congress and the President couldn’t call the mandate a tax because it would never get past the Supreme Court.  HA, isn’t that what they just did?

What a joke, I think those corrosive, political, elites had this as the goal all along.  I think that all three branches of this government have been corrupted.  Congress, Justices and the Executive branches are just no better than the unions, crooked giant corporations, wall street and the lobbyists.

They are all in it for power and control.  And we, the people, pay through the nose. The above are such hypocrites because they always make sure they have all the luxuries that they feel entitled to.  Just think about it, Congress, Justices and the Executive don’t have to have Obama Care.  They have their own first class form of insurance.  Through them the unions and corrupt giant corporations get waivers.  And, not to eliminate lobbyists and wall street, they just get their pockets so stuffed with federal money they can pay for pretty much anything they want.  Oh, poop, I almost forgot the elite rich can even afford to give up their citizenship.

Taxing like this will only play right into the United Nation’s global agenda, my personal opinion.  Because if these political elites can call a mandate a tax, what else can they tax?  How about charging us on AIR!  Oh, well, you breath don’t you?  Carbon taxes with the international community looks ever closer.

This country has cities and states going bankrupt and this (our) government is hell bent on charging the population more money by taxation!  The progressives don’t care about stuffing this crap down our throats.  No wonder this administration has added thousands of IRS agents to their payrolls.  They had to so the revenue from this Obama Care plan can be collected.  Rest assured, the IRS will add loop holes to give friends around whatever part of the medical tax they don’t like.

These progressive government elitists have already forced seniors onto medicare.  If you draw social security, you will loose money to medicare at age 65.  Then progressives mandated that all small children must have medical coverage.  Let’s not forget the poor, medicaid, everyone pays that too.  My thought is that this very big bailout for the insurance companies known as Obama Care is just another way to get the rest of the population into the fold.  Which, now, they have done.

If you have previously read my blog you know I have voiced my opinion on some related topics before. 



You may or may not agree but that is ok. 

Sadly, I remember when George Bush Sr. made the creepy statement “New World Order”.  I think this, once, Great Country is there now.  I pray every day it can be changed back.  I want our leaders to go back to the Constitution.

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OPSail 2012 – Participation

Participation in OPSail 2012 in Norfolk, Va.

What a great weekend.  Thousands of boaters escorting Tall Ships in the parade of sail.  This year the event OP Sail was held in conjunction with Norfolk’s Harborfest event. 

I was lucky to be able to sail in with the crowd of ships because I know the Captain so well.  I took pictures and amateur video.  So this is a combination of slide show and video to keep the time line correct.  Fireworks at the end came out pretty good even though my battery ran out! 

I’ll have to get scotch tape to keep that Canon Power Shot wheel in the proper place for shooting video next time!  Camera is a little tricky and some of the video was in low quality, sadly, but I patched it all together to make a YouTube movie anyway.  It was fun to eat the food, listen to concerts, see all the ships and visit with lots of family and friends.

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2012 Gardening Progress

Gardening Progress for 2012.

This is a small picture chronicle of this year’s garden work.  Spring clean up is always the hardest, I think.  But the Tiller Joe got me started off to a good start. If you want to see the video just click that Tiller Joe link.

First you have to clean up the bushes and prune back some of the fruit trees.  Plant the seeds and wait to see them grow.  Weeding in between, yuk!  But reaping the harvest is the best.

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