Baggy Pants and Underware

Baggy Pants with Exposed Underwear

Just yesterday I was driving down the road and saw a man (20 to 30ish) walking down the road.

I really felt like stopping to tell him to pull up his pants.  I might be old school but this young man was pretty much showing me his crotch!  A strong wind might have blown open the front slot of his boxer underwear.  At that point would I go to jail for watching porn or would he be jailed for indecent exposure?

I’ve wondered, since this fad started, who would hire someone like that?  Probably nobody, right?  Then it dawned on me!  They don’t really want a job otherwise they would dress for success and not this crap.

Really Classy, huh?


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  1. 1

    Ace, you hit the nail on the head!! Classy, NOT!!!! I am sick of it, too!! And to see these guys run????? It’s hilarious!!!

  2. 3

    chateycathey said,

    I think they enjoy looking like idiots. You are right about who would hire them and you are also right about them not wanting a job. Do they have no respect at al for anyone? Again I say IDIOTS

    • 4

      grouchow said,

      @ CC…I don’t think I could agree more! They really don’t want to work. I guess the good side is that they have to walk a lot because they cannot afford a car. LOL

  3. 5

    chvad said,

    Aren’t we the judgmental bunch?

    1) I don’t wear my pants like this.

    2) I don’t care who does because:

    3) It’s none of my business. Fashion is fashion. You may not like it but I’m probably 100% certain they won’t like yours either. So if they aren’t judging you… how are you a better person for judging them, much less NAME CALLING? Very grown up. What are we, 12 years old here?

    4) Indecent exposure? Unless you see a pair of exposed genitalia then you may want to reconsider this. Especially if you have EVER worn a bathing suit anywhere. Boxers provide JUST as much coverage as ANY single layer of clothing. More than others. So how is THIS exposure different compared to that? The answer is IT ISN’T. It’s the exact same. Fact.

    5) Jobs? Judgmental again? That’s funny. I have piercings in MY FACE, a weirdly shaved head and covered in tattoos. I teach at a well respected graduate school. Would you care to know how many people told ME I had to do things differently? Dressing for success is again a judgmental statement. When you are hiring someone you can call those shots. If you aren’t… again, who is being intolerant and judgmental here? You.

    From the IDIOT whom you would certainly JUDGE at a distance… a person that helps people EVERYDAY. Oh and imagine this… I’m not the only one or an oddity. When you wake up, you might want to check the intolerance at the door, especially if people are tolerating you.


    • 6

      grouchow said,

      @ Chvad I think you missed the whole point of this post.
      My point being that showing up for a job interview dressed like this would, more than likely, not put you at the top of the list as a potential employee with most firms. Hence my thought, they don’t really want a job.
      If you think it is a fashion statement fine I don’t necessarily like it but I will agree. I will give benefit of doubt and assume that should they be serious about a job they would not dress in this manor.
      You might think I am being judgmental but when it comes to an interview setting for a JOB I would NOT personally show up in a skirt with a thong showing over my skirt’s waistband nor would I show up in a pair of shorts with a tank top. Not if I were serious about getting the job.
      Perhaps, on second thought maybe I should have had a different title to my post to have made it clearer. Thanks for the reply, you are always interesting in your view points. 😉

  4. 7

    chvad said,

    “My point being that showing up for a job interview dressed like this would, more than likely, not put you at the top of the list as a potential employee with most firms. Hence my thought, they don’t really want a job.”

    I understood that and that’s why I used myself as an example. I show up to interviews in whatever rags I happen to have on. I don’t put on the button down. I don’t polish my shoes. I don’t shave clean. Everyone else at my job does. I don’t and I don’t need to because my skill set puts me through doors and keeps me there. My disagreement was simply not to judge a book by its cover… or it’s pants! 🙂

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