Gas Engine 100 MPG – Tom Ogle

Tom Ogle – Gas Engine 100 MPG – Before the Chevy Volt

I cannot tell you how excited I am! I have been looking at microfiche in libraries, surfing the web, trying to find old archives of the AP and UPI, whatever I could resource. But, seriously, when you do not know a proper name and only remember having read a story from back when we had a gas shortage in the 1970’s and we were relegated to buying gas by odd or even numbered license plates! Finding information on a given story isn’t that easy. But TODAY was a success and I guess I just got lucky typing in those infamous “key words” in the search bar!

Like I said years ago, I read a story about a guy who had found a way to alter the gas engine to get 100 miles per gallon. It was a revelation and my husband and I were really excited reading this article in our local newspaper. We were speculating on just how long it would take this engine to come to market. The gas crisis ended, finally, but then the great gas wars were over too! Life went back to normal and you no longer had to put a lock on your gas tank because people stopped the siphoning of your gas. We, also, never heard of this guy again. No follow up, that I can remember, in our local newspaper or on television at the time. Nothing.

Well, years went by and then we started getting barraged with all the green stuff and gas creeping up in cost yearly. In my course of conversations with my clients I remember always having my memory jogged about this gas and car story especially when we would all feel the crunch of gas in our budgets. Problem was that I could not remember the name of the Texas article or the inventor. People would look at me with a sort of vague stare and would imply it was only a rumor. You know when you get older it kind of hurts your feelings to think that you might be spreading a false a rumor. But what if the story is true? Without the proof of the story you never really have something concrete to stand on.

Now that you know my brief story, I can direct you to the article written by Ron Laytner; Edit International. Ron wrote this article on June 17, 2009, “What Ever Happened to Tom Ogle? Did the world not go green because of a murder? Maybe 2 murders”? Below is only an excerpt but you really really need to read the entire article, which is more like a history of this young man named Tom Ogle who could have changed an industry.


The world is telling us to Go Green; from Sesame Street to the Campaign Trail, and Going Green has become as much a marketing tool as a call for action. But what most American’s don’t know is that these problems were solved thirty years ago by the brilliant invention of a Texas high school dropout.

In 1978 I first interviewed Tom Ogle who created a device replacing the carburetor and allowed his 4,000 pound car to get 100 miles per gallon. He should have gone on to change history and become one of the world’s richest men. He was young, confident and feared nothing. But he was wrong – dead wrong. Four years later Tom, at age 24, was in his grave and his invention, buried.” Read more here.

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    Great find! Way to stick to your guns. However the article is depressing as hell, it reminds me of this movie that came out a few years ago. Called “Who killed the electric car?” here is the trailer, you might want to check it out, it follows a similar narrative.

  2. 3

    I don’t even remember that but then, way back in the ’70’s I guess I had my mind on other things. Wish someone knew the information today!
    What a great find, Ace!!

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    chvad said,

    Interesting. I looked up Ogle on Wikipedia. NO ENGLISH entry. I think that’s interesting, because there IS a french one. Here is the page and translation:

    I think thanks interesting.

    • 6

      grouchow said,

      @chvad….. I don’t know if wiki is totally reliable now days. I wish I knew how to put a link over there to this article that was written by the interviewer. Thanks for the post, btw. 😉

  4. 7

    winrar download said,

    I Love Your Site. Nearly every post makes me lol, reflect, and
    learn something.

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