Elections and Primaries – Mostly Dog and Pony Show!

Elections & Primaries – Mostly Dog and Pony Show!

I’m sad to say that I think the Presidential Primary Elections have become, what I would call, a dog and pony show! It doesn’t matter what party you are listening to either. This long drawn out Republican Primary is just about as bad as the last Democratic Primary. We get all kinds of promises and once the winners are installed into office the shit hits the fan. Everything they promised is tossed out the window when they are in the Washington Beltway! Primaries are big business for the all the media outlet pun-dents too. And, because of this, the campaign costs have become enormous!

I have been voting for a long time and I have gotten more and more disillusioned every 2 years. I am weary of voting for City, State and Federal officials that really don’t take into account the betterment of the American way of life. I really think that they are all handing us a bill of goods and are (both parties) trying to get rid of Capitalism. One party just does it slower than the other. Does anyone even care about American freedom any longer? I wonder. Just look at the 10,000 or so new regulations this Administration has put out there. Pretty soon they will be regulating when I’m allowed to take a shit. Heck, what has it been 3 years and those jokers in DC, many States and lots of Cities CAN NOT balance a budget??? Where did they go to school, were they ever in math class?

The checks and balances of this government have been turned upside down. Cities take money from their State and are beholden. States take money from the Federal government and they are beholden. Then people take money from all of these entities and then the people don’t want to give up anything because they now feel entitled. It is a vicious cycle. Then the corruption flourishes.

I’m not a rocket scientist so I don’t really understand how the elites draw the electoral lines. That is something that has been a mystery to me for a very long time and, quite frankly, I think most elected officials prefer my stupidity because then there is less likelihood of too many questions about the methods they use from people like me. I’ve even tried to call and write email to talk show hosts because I just don’t understand the legalese that dot gov’s provide on the internet.

All I know is that this is the first time in at least 10 years that one of my local representatives has opposition to his seat. I can’t tell you the countless times that I have gone to the voting booth to write myself in on the ballot because he was running unopposed. I didn’t want his winning to be a landslide! As I see it, officials have made wards, sectors, or whatever you want to call it so that someone has a seat for life.

Primaries, don’t even get me started. I mean only viable 2 parties (who wrote that rule), and the establishment is not giving that up! You have many declared Candidates in a Presidential Election and because the state you live in has crazy, not understandable rules, you can only vote for the selected two. If you are not affiliated with either the democratic or republican party and say you consider yourself an independent you cannot even participate in the so called primary. Would anyone in DC consider a Primary for Independents? Not!

Quite frankly, I think with each election cycle the Congressional Parties have decided who they want to support and just do this dog and pony show to make it look like there are options. That way us schmucks, working in the real world, think there is a choice. They all want the pollsters and the electorate numbers to match up in the end.

It makes me so sad that I have lost faith in the whole election process at many levels but I sure don’t want socialism, a dictator, marxism or communism. What is a person to do? I’ve seen to much history to know better. Oh, I’ll go vote again it is my duty and just hope for the best.

Okay, I’ll cease my thoughts for today. I know this post has been all over the place but it is hard to focus when so many things are going wrong with this Beautiful Country of the United States. 

Thanks for reading.

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    Well said, Ace!! I totally agree!!

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    […] elections-and-primaries-mostly-dog-and-pony-show  […]

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