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Atlantic City … I’d never been there!

Atlantic City … I’d never been there!

It was a new adventure for me.  I wanted to do something different this past Christmas, 2011.  I consulted with my adult children and proposed going to Atlantic City instead of celebrating the holidays at home. Traveling to Atlantic City over Christmas was out of the norm so I wasn’t sure how they would take the idea but when I spoke with them they agreed and arrangements were made.

I did have to make some preparations.  One was getting a cell phone (I had never owned one) and buying a Garmin gps system. Last time I drove a long distance reading the maps when traveling alone became a REAL challenge!! The Garmin was a real bonus and the cell phone from Walmart was for security in case I had a problem on the road.

I drove up to Atlantic City taking the route that uses the Cape May Lewes Ferry. Another new adventure as I had never been the primary driver when boarding a ferry!  I was talking with a friend and she recommended I check the ferry’s schedule on the internet.  I’m sure glad I took her advice because I had no clue that you might need a reservation to board.  So, I did just that. I arrived a bit earlier than intended so I was able to board because there was still room. I made a Youtube of the Ferry ride which I thought was great going to Atlantic City.

Coming back was totally different.  I didn’t think we were going to be able to board because the water was so rough.  I wish I would have been able to hold the camera coming back but it was all I could do to hang on to the hand railings to walk around! Getting a pretzel and coffee was a challenge in that rough water. When we finally landed my car was covered in salt. Washing the car was certainly in order the next day!

Arriving in Atlantic City was pleasant but I had typed the wrong address into the Garmin and missed my hotel by two blocks, lol.  The kids arrived a few hours after I arrived, since I was ahead of schedule.  I haven’t got a clue where my car had been parked with the valet service of the Tropicana.

You really don’t have to leave the hotels in Atlantic City to enjoy yourself but we did go out on the board walk and walk and walk and walk.  We checked out the decor of many of the other casinos and hotels.  I did wonder about the crazy push carriages. I even asked the kids why don’t they use golf carts? When I noticed the photos on the walls in my room I realized that the wicker push carts were some sort of historical nuance that is a totally carried on tradition in Atlantic City today.

We walked to a converted pier that was transformed into a shopping mall. One of the kids noticed that they had a water and light show going on daily.  We couldn’t stay because we had a reservation but we did go back the next day.  More walking but this time in the rainy mist.  The water display was well worth the walk and I was able to record a good portion of it from the seats we had, hence the railing.

When we left it was raining much harder, I ,suddenly, realized what the covered wicker push carts had value!!!  We rode back to the Tropicana in style and stayed dry too.

The trip was a little different but I think we all had a great time even though I lost at gambling, at least the kids came out ahead.  Really great food too!

My last words… I’d go back.


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GE Washer Model # GTWN4250M1WS – A Update Video

The final update on my General Electric Washer saga!

Well, my friends and readers, I have finally had enough and just KICKED the clunker, GE washing machine, out to the curb!  I lost my initial investment but after nearly two years of dirty clothes, I really don’t even care.

I had quite a time finding an old technology, agitator washing machine as the Government’s rules and regulations are no longer allowing the manufacture of old technology washing machines.  (Reminds me of big brother, our Government will tell you what is good and you will buy as you have no choices! That is another story.)  You can either get one of the last unsold new old tech washers available or buy it from a private individual who thinks they are upgrading their appliance.  Good luck to you is all I have to say about that.

This video is of the day that the appliance store delivered my old technology washing machine, a Whirlpool.  I was told that all manufacturers will have to comply with new regulations.  At least this one will wash with powdered laundry detergent and not the watered down crap they call HE!  Also, more expensive.  Sorry I digress. 

I’m dancing the happy dance now because I got rid of this crappy General Electric model # GTWN4250M1WS.  Thank you for reading my Blog.

GE Washer GTWN4250M1WS

This story started in 2010.  I have made two previous posts and videos if you want to read about how this all started. Original blog post here:

First follow-up video and River Washer tutorial:

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National Defense Authorization Act: Are we losing our Civil Liberties?

NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act)  Signing by President Obama.

I can’t believe I have heard so little about this on the television networks.  To be honest I did hear a little something a while back before the news shifted to the debates and Iowa caucuses.  It was my understanding back then that this legislation would have to make its way through Congress.  Well, I guess Congress members were to preoccupied with their vacations or maybe the President doesn’t need permission.  I’m not a politician so I don’t know the ins and outs of Congress!

Today I was listening to the radio and couldn’t believe my ears. I checked out what I heard at the web site.  From there I saw that the Guardian had gotten this information from John Turley’s blog post.  I even found this information at the Huffington Post.  Where is the outrage from the Civil Liberties Union , they should be raising Cain?  You would think even our local news stations would make some slight mention of this act.

President Obama comes back from his vacation in Hawaii and somewhere along the line he signs this amended act!

I’m very worried about Americans losing their freedoms as this administration applies rules, regulations and acts.  I think all of Washington elites are totally chipping away at our freedoms behind closed doors, on weekends and holidays.  I shouldn’t be worried you say.   I’ve heard the stories from my Mother and my Aunts and Uncles who immigrated here from Germany after WWII and what is going on in this country isn’t feeling too good to me.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year to all my friends and readers.

Hoping 2012 is a better year than the last two years have been!

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