Quality Control in your Undies!

OK, lets talk Quality Control.  What happened to it?

I’ve decided that there isn’t much when it comes to underwear. And, yes, you could consider this a rant.

Some years ago I was always pleased with a product that I purchased made by Maiden Form.  But things always seem to be changing and they no longer made my cute undies with one hundred percent cotton and due to medical reasons I had to find underwear from another company.  I really needed more than a cotton liner.

You would think this would be an easy task. NOT!

I have wasted a lot of money on briefs, trying to find a product that fits well.  I’m not a rich person and am pretty frugal so I cannot justify buying underwear that sells in department stores to the tune of 7.00 to 10.00 a pair!  I go with the 6 packs.  Now, in the old days if there was a Name Brand company on the package like Hanes, Jockey or even JC Pennies brand Underscore you would assume that there is a certain amount of quality control that these name brand companies would demand.  Even if they are no longer manufactured in the USA.

I am totally disappointed with companies that are touting their glorious names and give us crap!  Briefs are supposed to be briefs not a high rise leg cut.  Side seams are twisted and crooked.  The Jockey, Hanes and Underscores are packaged fine but just wait till you wash them.  Of course, if you wash them you cannot take them back to the place of purchase and complain!  Finding an affordable 100% cotton brief, That Fits Properly, is nearly impossible.  Quality has been lost in this country.

It is a sad day when these big name companies just ride on their laurels and never bother to make the quality of their product a priority!


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    Ace, that’s because they aren’t probably made in this country. I will agree with you! It’s no longer considered a must!

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