Tooting My Own Horn

Tooting My Own Horn

Yesterday morning I finished decorating my internet store front for a contest that Online is sponsoring.  I only bring this up because it took me a little longer than anticipated!

I have learned a little html and Css code over the years, enough to get by so I could make nice selling pages.   What always amazes me is how quickly you can forget simple code when it hasn’t  been used in just a few months.  I guess the old adage holds true, “You don’t use it, you loose it.”

Come visit and take a peek at my decor.

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  1. 1

    Z'anne said,

    Hey Ace! What a beautiful store! I’m expecting snow at my house tomorrow, so the snow at your store is quite appropriate! LOL Good Luck! I’ll get mine done as soon as my show is over. Busy, busy, busy!!

    Good Luck!!

  2. 3

    supergranny said,

    Your store is beautiful, for sure and you excel at so many things…..why……you’re a movie star!! Yes, remembering how to do stuff is difficult at best:)

  3. 5

    kornkountrytreasures said,

    You did a fantastic job! Especially now the boxes aren’t orange. LOL! I still have to plan mine.

  4. 7

    You did a beautifully fan-tab-u-lous job…
    We love and miss the snow and trees while here in Arizona!
    Happy Holidays to you!
    Lather Up Soap

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