Herman Cain – Poser

Herman Cain Poser

Let me begin by saying I have always been an independent voter.  I say this so you know that I don’t have any favorites in the race for President in 2012 as yet.

My first thought when the Herman Cain hoopla hit the fan was “Why isn’t the Media mentioning the Corporate Insurance”? Listening to media outlets is worse than reading an Enquirer (heck the Enquirer has been sued so many times I might even believe them more).  Talk about misleading sensationalism.  I really don’t know if these allegations are warranted or not.  But…

Why would I have an opinion?  

Because I’ve been involved with something similar.  It wasn’t an accusation of sexual misconduct but it certainly involved lawyers and insurance companies.  In a nutshell, when I was working at a hair salon, my client said she had fallen in a small puddle of water that was on the floor.  This was during Xmas holidays so the shop was full and we were enjoying food and festivities.  She had been sitting in a shampoo chair and said when she stood she said she had slipped and fallen in said water!  We found none.

Anyway,  all of us were concerned and we wanted to know if she was all right.  Even though she was cradling her arm and said it only ached a little she refused our offers to call 911 for an ambulance, we offered to drive her to hospital and she wouldn’t even have an aspirin!  My client had come in for a permanent wave and, by golly, she was going to receive her perm today.  At one point she even got belligerent.  

I proceeded with the permanent, which usually takes three hours.  She finally calmed down and even ate and enjoyed the festivities.  We finished the perm and she got into her car and drove herself home.  I know because I called her to make sure she got home safely.  I had bad vibes, none the less, so I made notes of the events on her record.  She had been my client for 8 years.

Two weeks later the owner of the Shop got a letter from a lawyer representing my client who placed a lawsuit against the owner’s insurance for my client’s broken arm!!  The client  just confirmed my suspicion when she called me at home and hinted to me that I should back up her story.  I was livid.  I figured if her arm was broken there might have been some real pain, swelling to her arm, fingers or hands after sitting for a three hour permanent wave!  She left our shop perfectly happy.

Now, the conclusion of this story.  Two years of litigation between the lawyers and the Shop’s insurance company.  Many phone calls to myself and the owner from both sides of the litigation.  The lawyers, in the end, told me that she had changed her story three times and knew she had been lying.  We had not varied our story of the event, ever. (As Judge Judy says:  Its hard to remember a lie but easy to remember the truth.)  

Guess what?  They settled with her!  No matter what the truth!  Just to expensive after two years of paper work.  We, at the Shop, were in total shock.  The only thing that made us feel better was to know she didn’t receive a dime.  No cash.  The insurance company gave the money for her doctor’s appointments (trying to find something wrong) to Medicare!

This story has nothing to do with Herman Cain but I, certainly, can relate to the way these claims of improprieties might have been handled.  Since this story came out, it was refreshing to hear one or two in the media mention the Insurance Settlement quandary.

Could it be that Herman Cain is becoming a threat to the congressional establishment, Republicans and the Democrats alike?  How many more women will come out and claim sexual indiscretions now that the two original ladies have declined to go public?

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    I am with you on this one. I vote the person and their record if they have one. From what I see when I sign on at aol is there is already a third woman. Myself I think you may be onto something about Hernam getting too popular with his ideas and some want him gone. Just want to say this…” so many of the people who occupy the white house must really think the general public are clueless BUT they are wrong and we will see just how smart the general public is when some of them are replaced. Not saying repulican or democrat, just saying. Thanks for posting this and I am glad you’re client did not see a penny of the money.

  2. 3

    supergranny said,

    I truly don’t believe this has any bearing whatsoever on who should be president. The allegations they’re bandying about are nothing like the Clinton ongoing scandals and he got to be president and remained there.

    All I want to know is how they plan to put the brakes on government. My instincts are telling me Cain and Perry are being high school by finger pointing OR the other liberal side is putting all this out there thinking people will be put off by the finger pointing. So it’s a waiting game for me.

    Stop yapping about things that are old and have no bite today!

    • 4

      grouchow said,

      “All I want to know is how they plan to put the brakes on government” I know just what you mean. The problem is so many of them want to keep their Establishment Power! There in lies the problem. I have NO faith in the guys up there that they can police themselves. 😦

  3. 6

    I agree with you totally!! So many times the company or corporation will settle instead of fighting the lawsuit because it is cheaper.

    My sister had the same thing happen to her. Only it was the insurance company that settled because it was cheaper!! Not that it was right but that it was cheaper!

    • 7

      grouchow said,

      @Kornkountrytreasurers. Absolutely what happened in this case too. Then down the pike it looks like you, so called, settled when you might not have any control over the situation.

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