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Toilet Paper – Poser

OK, so lets talk…

Toilet Paper!

Do Manufacturers actually think we were born yesterday?  With, maybe, NOT an observant bone in our bodies!  I have been buying Quilted Northern Toilet Tissue for a very long time because when I started buying it there was quality and the price per square sheet was the best compared to all the other brands.  Now, don’t get me wrong, I still like the quality of the toilet tissue and still purchase Northern. 

It is just that I really resent the CON.  Go up on the price, that is normal and I can handle that.  Being up front and honest about a price change doesn’t bother me.  What bothers me is that whoever works for Northern Marketing thinks they are slick when they get double the money by making the cardboard roll, that holds the tissue, larger too!  I measured an older cardboard tube and it measured approximately 44 centimeters then I measured the new cardboard tube and that measured approximately 47 centimeters!

In my book they may not be getting double the total price  (I haven’t measured the sheets lost.)  but to give less per roll and go up on the cost sure isn’t hurting their net profit! 

Example:  Back in the day there used to be small, medium and large eggs.  Manufacturers realized that the small eggs weren’t selling as well so they reclassified the eggs to medium, large and extra-large.  And then came the JUMBO.   Ha ha ha, a chicken can only lay an egg just so big.  Get it any bigger and you will get a goose egg!!! Then think about it…. What happened to the small egg?  They are still there but now they are called mediums.  When was the last time you saw “small” eggs for sale at a grocery? 

Think about it big manufacturing boys, we buyers do know what your up to.  I would just prefer you be upfront and honest and just put the higher price on your products.  Don’t use the little increment cons.  

Don’t get me started on canned products, those guys are just as bad!  BP is going down now.  Have a great day.


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Monopoly – Government – Posers

Monopoly in Government?

My Opinion which doesn’t mean much!

NO, I’m not talking about Parker Brother’s Game nor am I talking about McDonald’s food game. I’m talking about our own United States Government.

Monopolies are not good for our Republic, granted, but the need for anti-trust laws only happen when people/corporations lose their sense of ethics and turn into power-hungry crooks!  The majority of hard-working entrepreneurs are honest.  Unfortunately, I believe,  what this Administration is doing is just that, making a government monopoly.  When they cannot get Congress to agree with the Administration they simply go around Congress and mandate more regulations on small or large businesses till they get buried into the ground.  Pitiful.

Here are definitions by Merriam-Webster.

noun \mə-ˈnä-p(ə-)lē\
plural mo·nop·o·lies
Definition of MONOPOLY
1: exclusive ownership through legal privilege, command of supply, or concerted action
2: exclusive possession or control
3: a commodity controlled by one party
4: one that has a monopoly
Examples of MONOPOLY
The government passed laws intended to break up monopolies.
Origin of MONOPOLY
Latin monopolium, from Greek monopōlion, from mon- + pōlein to sell
First Known Use: 1534
mo·nop·o·ly /məˈnɑ:pəli/ noun
plural mo·nop·o·lies
1 [count] a : complete control of the entire supply of goods or of a service in a certain area or market▪ The company has gained/acquired a (virtual/near) monopoly of/on/over the logging industry in this area.
b : a large company that has a monopoly▪ The government passed laws intended to break up monopolies.
2 [singular] : complete ownership or control of something — usually + on or (chiefly Brit) of ▪ He seems to think he has a monopoly on the truth. [=to think that he is the only person who knows what is true]— mo·nop·o·lis·tic Listen to audio /məˌnɑ:pəˈlɪstɪk/ adjective
verb \mə-ˈnä-pə-ˌlīz\
Definition of MONOPOLIZE
transitive verb
: to get a monopoly of : assume complete possession or control of <monopolize a conversation>
— mo·nop·o·li·za·tion noun
— mo·nop·o·liz·er noun
Examples of MONOPOLIZE
He’s always monopolizing the conversation.
The company has monopolized the market for computer operating systems.
One group monopolized the camping area, taking almost all of the campsites.

Want to read more about the rules and regulations?  608 new rules in July.  Read all about at Fox News link.

FTC Guide to the Antitrust Laws:

Free and open markets are the foundation of a vibrant economy. Aggressive competition among sellers in an open marketplace gives consumers — both individuals and businesses — the benefits of lower prices, higher quality products and services, more choices, and greater innovation (read more)

In my opinion I think the Government is abusing their own rules!

About White House Job’s Council.  Now I hear the Administration wants to go around Congress to pass their jobs bill!  Probably to cram it down our throats like they did the Medical Plan.  (Don’t read shit folks, just pass it and we’ll figure it out later!  Ha!)

Huffington Post live Broadcast President Obama –  Oct.11,2011.  I watched it live and I don’t know if the Huffington Post will replay in a loop or not.  He was in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania promoting the jobs bill complaining about the bad bridges.  I’ve been hearing about the bad roads and bridges for years. Why can’t the states take care of their own bridges?  And why do they have to be Union jobs only?  Does this government even consider a bid from non-union companies?  I think not…… example Boeing.  I hate to say it but just how many teachers have been laid off?  Seems to me that most of the school systems are still up and running and you should see the new schools that have gone up in my State, geezee peezee you talk about spending money!!

I was around when the Berlin Wall came down and Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, USSR, dissolved.  Sadly, I feel like the USSR system of governing is the way our country is heading.  Only worse, Sheeple, following a “New World Order” as stated by George H. W. Bush watch a clip on YouTube.  It gave me the creeps back when I watched in 2006.

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