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The Garden is Back – In Overdrive – 2011

I am happy to say that the garden is back in overdrive!  After last years drought and horrible weather for a vegetable garden this years new crop is to be doing so much better.  We have had some pretty hot days and I don’t think spring lasted quit long enough to give me much in the way of broccoli and brussel sprouts but as for the rest of the garden I think the plants are going to do just fine.

I’ve already harvested peas, swiss chard, lettuce (sadly almost done), tomatoes, cucumber, green beans and today I collected my first zucchini squash.  Here are a few early pictures, it looks even better now.  As soon as the lettuce is finished I’ll be planting more green beans because we have a pretty long growing season.

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I think the new electric cultivator/tiller has helped.  Although I liked the claw you still have to pull the weeds.  This new Tiller Joe, by SunJoe, really gets the grass and weeds chopped up.  Plus I have figured out a way to get it to go in between the rows of veggies as a tool to keep my walk path clear of new growth.  If you are interested I made a goofy video of my first usage.

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