GE High Efficiency Washer Model # WJRE555OK2WW

This is a little off  the beaten path of my blog so bear with me.  Seldom do I rate equipment but I had to buy a new washing machine last October 2010.

So here goes my saga.

I bought this new type of washer made by GE, no agitator and it is supposed to save water. As stated in the title of this little blog it is a General Electric High Efficiency Washer, Model #WJRE555OK2WW. Similar to this .  I’m all for doing my part of green so I bought this new system. I read the user’s manual three times so I would understand what I am doing! (I’m an instruction person, lol.)

I immediately had to purchase the new HE (High efficiency) laundry detergent because I noticed that the powdered soap was not dissolving but I thought I would give that a whirl anyway… NOT! I broke down and bought the more expensive laundry detergent. In my opinion watered down crap but, hey, what ya gonna do! 😦  I want clean clothes.

Okey Dokey, after about two months I noticed that my clothes were getting kind of dingy, particularly whites.  I read the book again.  Nope, I was doing everything right. New detergent, laying the clothes around in a circle (pretending there is an agitator) and unrolling socks and anything else that might have gotten lumped up. I was beginning to be a bit concerned when the soap film started building up in the inside seams of the clothes!

I, also, noticed that the length of running time had increased to double the time that the old washing machine ran.  No, not my imagination because I started timing that GE puppy!  What normally took about a half hour in the old agitator machine was now taking 1 hour and 10 minutes, similar cycle.  You can increase this time if you add the additional rinse to get the soap out.  Oh, I forgot to mention I had to re-spin everything again because the clothes were so wet that it was making my dryer cut off.  (No, dryer is not broken, it is a safety feature, so it doesn’t burn up.)

Here are a few examples of the dirty laundry after they have been WASHED several times. That white stuff on the robe is soap build up.  The socks have dirt from yard work, yes, I was wearing shoes.  Then the dishtowel which I actually washed three times before I took this picture.  I won’t go into the unmentionables or the bedding. Grrrr is all I will say!


At this point I decided that it was time to call the repair man.  I bought this machine at Lowe’s (who I just love) but I had to let them know that I was really disappointed in this product and they should consider not selling this model.  They, of course, did not tell me if there had been more complaints about the product.  They just directed me to the wrong phone number to get help.  After a two-hour adventure with their automated call directions, service department and the transfer calls around in a giant circle, I finally found someone who realized I hadn’t bought their long-term appliance contract!  At that point I was told that I would have to contact the GE service department directly.  You would think that Lowe’s should clearly state that in the automated phone help!!!  That would have saved me a lot of time and disappointment with Lowe’s help.

After taking a day off I decided to bite the bullet and call GE.  I got a very pleasant representative and explained what was going on and they said promptly that they would send a repair man to see what was going on.  I made the appointment on March 14th.  A very, very pleasant repair representative came at the appointed time.  I explained my woes to him and even showed him some of the clothing.  He confirmed the soap build up.  After checking the machine he told me several things. The first being that I had a first generation (as he called it) motor and he would order the second generation device.  He could be back in a week to install. Woohoo.

Meanwhile I went to my Dad’s home and washed and bleached all my dingy white clothing so I could start over when the new motor was installed.

A week later the service man came and installed the new equipment.  While there he suggested that I use the extended rinse cycle, even though I don’t use a liquid clothing softener because it would be better for getting the HE Detergent out. Because I had been complaining about the length of time that the washer ran he explained that the reason for the longer run time was because there were two motors in this new machine.  One motor takes the AC power, coming into the house, and converts it to DC power so the DC motor can run the machine.  And since it is a DC powered motor it will necessarily take longer to run but not to worry it is using less electricity that way.  That last statement drove me crazy!  I wish I knew an older electrician to answer that question.  OK, I followed his advice and now am running the extended rinse (which uses more water) and the clothes rinse better, no soap build up. And I only have to re-spin when doing a full load of heavy towels. All my new white socks that I purchased still have to be washed twice or have to soak in bleach.  I feel as if I have to go back to a block of soap and a scrub board.  Geezee peezee.

More importantly, that nagging question about the DC/AC crap the service man was feeding me when I posed the question about running time.  I mean if I run a machine on AC power for 27-30 minutes and the clothes are cleaned how is it saving me money when I am running a DC powered piece of machinery for 1 hour and 10 minutes???

I was discussing this with my Mother’s husband and he found a little piece of modern engineering called “Kill A Watt EZ” .  It is an electricity usage monitor which let you know what your costs will be by the hour, day, week, month and year.
Great, he and I have the same cost from our power company. So we decided to run some tests.  First he on the regular agitator washing machine that only runs for a half hour cycle, regular load.  Then it was my turn to check out the same cycle with my new and improved GE washer!

As suspected, his machine used .16 KWH for the wash cycle. This translates into $17.63 a year and a measly .04 cents a load.  MINE, well duh, .21 KWH @ a cost of $26.18 for the year and .07 cents a load! It doesn’t save you water if you have to use the extended rinse or re-rinse and it doesn’t save you electricity either.

I was right to have my bad vibes.  What kind of junk is GE selling to us?  I’m going to find an old agitator and get rid of the new piece of crap.

I bet you couldn’t tell that I am not pleased.  If you have any options, my advice would be not to buy this particular washing machine.

Thanks for reading and have a great day.


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  1. 1

    Jim said,

    I would shoot the sucker and bury it in the backyard!

  2. 2

    Nolan said,

    I have the same machine and this review was right on the button, I feel like a sucker for buying the thing.

    • 3

      grouchow said,

      Agreed! Yard sales are looking better and better. 🙂

      • 4

        Pattie Davis said,

        OMG… this is US all over..our machine is just a yr and 1/2…. found out that we have to replace the unit that spins the basket… when it washes… when it washes… it draoins…a VERY SCREWED up washer for sure…I HATE IT!!!
        also..we have not had any help from Lowes or GE!!!!!!!

      • 5

        grouchow said,

        Yes, I am glad I realized what was going on before my years warranty was over!! ( I had to was bed sheets twice just yesterday. )YUK I am currently waiting for the replacement machine and I will post a follow up on the one that is due to arrive tomorrow. AND NO, It is not the same machine, it will be one of the old fashioned Agitators that GE is still making. I hear they will be obsolete next year and you won’t be able to get one. Hit the yard sales QUICK. That will be my next option if this puppy doesn’t work right!!!

      • 6

        Steve Holman said,

        Yep… mine was just 4 years old and after the first service call they say now I need a new electrical board… total $614… not!
        Going to look for something besides GE

        They need a recall!

      • 7

        grouchow said,

        I am with ya! Go find another machine by a different company. Horrible product and that it hasn’t been recalled is only because this gov’t supports their GE crappy products!

    • 8

      CW said,

      I am researching white spots on dark clothes. brand new HE washer that I Hate! I have to use the extra rinse cycle and still get spots. REALLY upset I tried to buy American product and got this piece of crap!

      • 9

        grouchow said,

        It really didn’t matter to me what cycle you put it on. These machines just cannot rinse efficiently enough to get out the laundry detergent. I wish I would have posted my youtube parody on this page because I do a river wash that gets the clothes cleaner than this stupid washer. And with less electricity!!!

  3. 10

    Ro Ho said,

    We bought a Kenmore Elite top load HE washer 7 years ago. AGREE that you spend more energy and water re-washing clothes. I have found that adding oxyclean to the white wash before adding the clothes does seem to help. You have to watch out for the comouter glitches which are constant. To reset the computer means you have to stop the wash ( which isn’t running anyway) drain the washer and restart. This process has taken up to 7 times a load. Months may go by and have to repeat this process for days. Ready to find an old relic agitator wash where I can once again use sudsy soap. If these HE washers are so great, why is it so hard to find the HE soap. Have a good one.

    • 11

      grouchow said,

      Thank you for your comments and thank you for the heads up. I am going to call the service department back today because my clothing is still not clean. Look forward to my follow up video as, hopefully, I will have it done soon! Again thanks.

  4. 12

    Pattie Davis said,

    OMG!!! This is happening to me as we blog!!! If I knew where my hubby has his gun….it would be sitting with many more drain holes!!!!
    Why oh they feel the need to change that’s NOT BROKE!!!
    I hate my washer and curse the lady that talked us into it at LOWES!!
    Thaks for the blog…now I know…it’s not me making errors!!!

    • 13

      grouchow said,

      I really feel sorry for you. If I could find it again I would send you the link to the Reviews page but I forgot where I put the link. The comments were all horrible.

  5. 14

    mike said,

    this washer is garbage, i year old and it doesnt spin. wtf

    • 15

      grouchow said,

      I know I finally got GE to replace mine but I haven’t had enough time to find out what kind of job it can do. So, the jury is still out on this one. 😦

      • 16

        Jack Hobby said,

        I am dealing with GE now on replacing this machine. How did you get them to replace it? We have had all the same problems that are posted. This machine would make a better garbage can then a washing machine. I’m thinking of moving it outside and lining it with a 30 gallon garbage bag

      • 17

        grouchow said,

        Hi Jack, This was like an on going saga so I made some video’s on how I would substitute this crappy machine. I posted them here on this blog.
        I was lucky that I was still under warranty but, quite frankly, it didn’t matter much because the machine they replaced it with was just as bad and I finally junked it and sent it to the curb! Second Video and blog post. Beware if they give you that model number!!! It is still crap!

      • 18

        Jack Hobby said,

        I went to GE’s Facebook page and blasted this machine and I also shared your link with the photos of the dirty clothes. I have had to use the tack tick before with other company’s. It seems to work very well when I posted something on Samsung’s Facebook page I received a e-mail within minutes and they took care of the problem with my brand new under warranty TV, same with my cell phone company. They do not like when you post anything negative on there Facebook wall . So I recommend that everyone with this machine post there unhappiness on there FB wall. look up GE appliances on FB and it will pop right up. I just did it today so being Sunday and a weekend I believe I will hear from them tomorrow. It has worked very well for me in the past. Some people might think that all I’m trying to do is get something free, that is not the case. My wife and I work hard for what we have and when large company’s think they can run you over and get away with it, It’s time to stand up and fight for what is right.

      • 19

        grouchow said,

        Awesome Jack, I know just how you feel. I didn’t want anything for free either. I just wanted a machine that worked! I hope you get satisfaction but, seriously, beware that they don’t offer you the second machine that I was talking about because that was the only option they allowed me unless I upgraded for much much more money! Good luck my man and I hope you get cleaner clothes than I did.

      • 20

        Jack Hobby said,

        They wasted no time getting back to me after posting on there FB wall, I also told them I want a machine that has a proven track record of working. Dealing with them via e-mail, will keep you updated

      • 21

        grouchow said,

        Jack……. I am so happy for you and be sure it has a PROVEN track record for CLEANING and saving money and water!!! Which the # WJRE555OK2WW did neither. Good luck and don’t let them give you the machine they replaced mine with….. that is the one I finally set curb side and gave up on GE…….. I wish you great success and I wish I would have know about the FB thing when all this happened to me, originally. Keep me posted. Thanks for your replies too.

      • 22

        Jack Hobby said,

        It’s just sad that a American company use to be the best at what they did. Then they started outsourcing the jobs to other country’s, including there customer service departments. They are so worried about the bottom line (profit and loss statement) That they have forgotten that most people will return time after time if they get a good product and customer service. It’s not always about money, sometimes you have to take loss to make a profit in the long run

      • 23

        grouchow said,

        I absolutely agree with you Jack. They will lose in the long run if they don’t pay attention to what they are doing. Sad really.

  6. 24

    jlo said,

    the government is all on the destruction of all good things and valuable. they are putting things out so that we get frastruated and then what are we going to do when we are no longer in our comfort zone? It is not easy and it looks as if it’s not getting any better on this item or any other. I don’t know what I am going to do! 😦

    • 25

      grouchow said,

      Thanks for the reply. All I can think to do is complain and do it loudly but politely. Companies selling us junk is just unacceptable. Sad part is that they sell us junk that doesn’t last. Then, of course, there are no repair men to fix things any longer. If you can find a repair shop, you would be lucky if they could find the parts for that older machine!! How many VCR repair shops have you seen lately. My older washer broke and no parts to fix the silly old thing. 😦

  7. 26

    Dorothy Fenderson said,

    I am having the same problem. GE/HE
    Front load I got from Home Depot, is worthless on white clothes. I can’t wait to get an old fashioned top loader washer. I used to be a fan of GE – hope they will have a recall and replace these washers.

    • 27

      grouchow said,

      Thanks for your comments. Hint don’t get a GE top loader either. They are just as bad!! That is what I bought and they had to replace it and the second one isn’t much better either. grrrr

  8. 28

    Bonny said,

    I have had my top loader GE for over a year now and I hate it! I am about to send a letter to the Pres. of GE and tell him I HATE IT! I bought a “no agitator” type machine because I wanted to wash small (bathroom) rugs and bed spreads which didn’t wash well in an agitator machine. I was very excited I didn’t have to lug them to the laundromat ever again — so said the salesman at Sears. Wrong, wrong, wrong. This machine is worthless. The clothes, sheets, etc. on the top of the load stay on the top and never go into the water with soap! I had a repairman come to the house. He called a “support” number to get answers – in my presence – and was told since the clothes get so tangled (one of my complaints), tangle them before I put them in the machine and the machine will then untangle them. CAN YOU BELIEVE IT? The repairman was confused at this response from the company. Clothes are so tangled I can’t get the wrinkles out in the dryer. And the items on top of the load — WHERE’S THE WATER??? I have checked the load frequently to see that top items don’t move from top and so little water, they don’t get washed. Sorry to use up so much space.

    • 29

      grouchow said,

      Bonny, trust me, it gets worse. I had this non-agitator and it took a couple of months before I noticed that clothes were not getting clean! I was lucky (you could say) because my warranty was still good! They replaced my non-agitator – which uses more electricity than the old style washers – with a brand new GE washer with agitator. Great! Let me tell you DO NOT let them give you a new washer!!!! This replacement with agitator they gave me is of the same technology and I am finding out that it still is a piece of junk. I was just composing my new update on this replacement sucky machine (I was waiting to see if the dirt would build up). My latest load of whites, with bleach, didn’t even get the dirt out of my socks!!! Get your money BACK if you can. Don’t be conned like I was with a replacement!!! Thanks for your reply.

  9. 31

    Pam said,

    I am having the SAME problems with the SAME machine!! Thanks for confirming that the machine is the problem – not me!

    • 32

      grouchow said,

      Thanks for the comment Pam. It does take a while to realize the unit is junk, we always assume user error first!! Then you realize, well heck I’ve been washing clothes a long time. I can tell when clothes are still dirty. grrrr

  10. 33

    I hate hate hate this washer. Same one, same dinge, same white residue!! I even hate the way it sounds, just like a stupid robot. Only, I think if I had a robot, it would wash my clothes better than this!! So what do we do now? Mine is still under warranty, but if they gave you one with an agitator and it is no better, then what? Ugh, I can’t stand it anymore!! You are so right, longer wash times. More water cuz you have to do a second rinse and sometimes a third!! Wrinkles and tangles galore!! Why must everyone have a high efficiency if it doesn’t work? It is BS if you ask me!!

  11. 35

    Emily S. said,

    Have this same machine. It’s a nightmare. My clothes never come clean. I can’t use dowdy broc softeners because they leave greasy splotches all of my clothes. I have to run the machine twice. The 2nd rinse does nothing. I hate this price of crap machine!

    • 36

      grouchow said,

      @Emily……… Yes, this machine was such a nightmare that it almost became a saga for me! I even made a video of me washing my clothes in the river. lol I finally did junk it and put it out on the street. Bit the bullet and bought another machine. 😦

  12. 37

    rick said,

    It is nice to see that there are others that are equazlly as frustrated with this piece of advanced technology. My wife has complained for months so AI finally decided to look up comments on the web. They are spo yes spot on. As a matter of fact every thing has a spot on it. We are going to have to replace the machine and I think it should be paid for by GE or at least a voucher. They made the machine and it doesn’t work. WHo do we contact Consumer reports? I say blog away until we get satisfaction

    • 38

      grouchow said,

      @Rick… Sadly, GE knew it was a clunker. They immediately replaced the first motor with an upgraded version. They gave me a rock n roll story for almost a year including replacing the machine all together! I don’t know if you can get your money back or not. I just finally gave up and bought a new machine, Whirlpool top loader and one of the last so called old school washers. It was on sale because the new government rules and regulations mandate all washers have to be eco friendly now. I would care about that either except this washer actually cost me more money in electricity to run. Sort of like the toilets you have to flush twice. Good luck.

    • 39

      cate115 said,

      The purchase of this machine was the biggest rip off ever!They totally sold us a “bill of goods” and we believed every bit of it! The frustration of simply just trying to wash a load of clothes and get them clean(which is what a washing machine is SUPPOSED to do is) is over the top! They say it’s all about using the HE detergent,but that is rediculous too! We have done everything right and still the clothes are dirty,have detergent stick in tnem and spots on them! WE shouldn’t have to replace it to get clean clothes.What a joke and a bad one this non-agitator machine is!!

      • 40

        grouchow said,

        They charge more for the HE crap too. The whirlpool I bought can actually dissolve the dry detergent again. The ge doesn’t use enough water so my water never got hot enough, not unless I washed a load first. Two motors to convert power from dc to ac. What crap, agreed!

  13. 41

    cate115 said,

    @cate115…This is the most rediculous and worthless machine we have ever had! We were definitely sold a bill of goods regarding the non-agitator machine. The clothes have clumps of HE soap in them,spots on them and I have to do them over again! I am very frustrated and annoyed at the thought that we have to buy a NEW machine to get our laundry clean like this machine SHOULD be doing. What now?

  14. 43

    Susan said,

    I could have written your review even though I have a Whirlpool H2Low washer. I wash items twice, wait an hour for one load (for a family of five) and fight with wet towels. Beware future buyers. Do not purchase any type of a high efficiency washer. I hate this new crap; give me what is tried and true!

    • 44

      grouchow said,

      @ Susan …. These machines are totally crap!! I agree. If I couldn’t have found an old school type that was on sale (and it still takes a little longer than normal to wash) I would have gone to yard sales to get the old version washing machine. That would be my suggestion to you. If you can find one it might be worth any repairs you might have to make, baring a broken motor. Good luck!!!

  15. 45

    Lester said,

    We have had our GE HE top loader for over a year. We are having the same problems as everyone has described in these posts. What a piece a garbage! This machine should be known as GE trasHE.

    • 46

      grouchow said,

      @ Lester… After having to endure two of them, the original, new motor and a replacement machine I just gave up and junked it to the curb. Went and bought from another manufacturer! Not a subsidiary of ge either. grrrr I wish you luck.

  16. 47

    Jack Hobby said,

    Well I left a response #14 about posting how bad this washing machine is on GE’s Facebook wall. And as I said GE didn’t waste anytime getting back to me. They requested that I e-mail them with the problems we have been having,so I did,I also told them I want a new machine with a proven track record of working..We will see what happens. I will keep you updated.

  17. 48

    R. Adams said,

    I agree with this 100%. I bought the same pile of junk and I gave it to someone that needed a washer. I did not charge them one cent but still feel like I took advantage of them by giving them such a sorry piece of machinery. I had the same problems you described and I believe my clothes would have been cleaner if I had washed them in the bathtub. I bought a front loading HE machine manufactured by Frigidaire and it does a wonderful job.

  18. 50

    AnnaJ said,

    I found this by googling “hate my HE washer.” I’m so angry I spent money on this piece of junk! I pull out clothes with deodorant marks and bits of food still on, it’s completely disgusting and frustrating.

    • 51

      grouchow said,

      @AnnaJ……. thank you for your post. I can’t agree with you more. They are selling us junk. To think that years ago we could have reliable machines for 20 years. Now we are lucky if they last 5 to 7. Again thank you.

  19. 52

    JohnT said,

    Yes, I’m sick reading these comments. Why? Bingo, my like kind washer just crapped out yesterday.

    The machine got unbalanced, shutdown, and is currently dead. No lights on the front panel, no action, no matter what I do.

    I’m sick also because I expected this piece of junk to last me as long as my last machine, as I’m retired and wanted this base covered for awhile…

    I hope I bought an extended warranty to get me over the short haul. But after that, I’m looking for a good foreign brand.

    • 53

      grouchow said,

      @JohnT…… thanks for your reply. I was in similar circumstances and wasn’t expecting such a piece of junk. And to think your machine totally broke down already. Good luck my friend.

  20. 54

    MARIA said,


  21. 56

    Chris Mok said,

    I agree all your guy’s review, I have same problems, I couldn’t say that how I hate this machine. How a horrible washing machine that I have never got.

    • 57

      grouchow said,

      I couldn’t agree with you more! I’m happy I finally got rid of it. GE is making junk now days. 😦 Thanks for the reply and good luck. 🙂

  22. 58

    Rhonda Antonucci said,

    The round piece on the bottom comes up and then the load doesn’t dry.
    What do you do about that? Getting a new machine soon but until then….

    • 59

      grouchow said,

      @Rhonda You must have bought the companion drier to this washing machine. If it was as bad as the washer, I just hope you were still under warranty to get the new machine. Thank you for reading my article.

  23. 60

    Pat said,

    Are you aware that Speed Queen still makes a real washer and dryer…you have until the end of 2014 (or early 2015…) to purchase them before, they,too must comply with govt regulations. Google Speed Queen…we just bought AWN542 and love it…dryer will come next week as we just learned dryers will be forced to comply to some new regulations,too. Hope this helps somebody.

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