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FCC Net Neutrality – Poser

What is the government up to again?   I just heard today that the sneaky politicians are trying to limit broadband with this new rule that they are trying to push through during the holiday season.

I don’t know what it all means but I sure am gonna surf the web to find out some more information!  So far it seems a little restrictive.

Any input here would be appreciated.  Thanks.


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What’s up with my Dishwasher?

My dishwasher is not old!  It has been working fine but lately I seem to be scrubbing my dishes, pots and pans more.  Plus, I’m using more water to get them scrubbed.  In the not so distant past I could load stained coffee cups and dishes and they would come out clean.  Now there is residue and the inside of the cups still have coffee stains.  I can’t believe I have to scrub cups!  Glasses, give me a break!  If I’m going to have to do all that I may as well just wash and rinse them the old-fashioned way, by hand.  Geeeeezzz

I was complaining to a friend of mine about this and she said that companies have been told by some agency,  in the government, that the formula in dish washing powders had to be changed.  I have always used a product called Cascade but that just isn’t working anymore.  I surfed the web and found that the phosphates have been removed.

Is that what made the dishes clean?  I don’t know but I am wondering why are we supposed to go backwards in time?  Can’t someone develop a product that doesn’t hurt the environment and can be used to make dishes clean?

I am lousy at key words for surfing the internet, so chime in with information.  Thanks

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