Air Traffic Volcano Cruise Ship Poser

I’ve had a question about this for days now!

With the volcano stopping air traffic and grounding airlines  for so many days now you would think that a company with cruise ships on the high seas would have thought to rescue (or make some money) off these land locked, grounded, folks!

It might not be as fast but certainly the grounded people might have been willing to pay the cruise line the money to get home instead of having to hang out in hotels, airports on benches and cots!  I would have been willing to pay the price.  Probably would have saved me money in the long run.

Put the ships in high gear and bring some people home.  Hell, with all the people stranded, ship lines could probably give a discount!  Did everyone forget there is the Ocean???

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    slamdunk said,

    I am thinking it is a good time to have invested in boating companies.

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    My son-in-law travels to Europe very frequently for his job and at the moment is stuck in Munich..far from the ports. We thought of the ship idea. He’s had to go buy underwear and shirts…hotel doesn’t provide any laundry are shuffling people around…folks running out of money…but the weather has been fabulous, sunshine and no wind at all…therein lies the problem. He was only ss’posed to be gone a week and we’re now going on his 2nd week. Keeps in touch with my daughter several times a day via cell phone and computer.

    Maybe there’ll come a very stiff breeze and blow that stuff around and thin it out a bit.

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      grouchow said,

      Your son-in-law is a perfect example. Having to stay nearly a week longer. If a ship had been available he could have taken a train to Bremehaven and possibly taken a ship home, if only it were available. Instead of running out of laundry he could have had a very nice time on the ship and washed the clothes. Ships have run the Atlantic in four days before. Sometimes you can hitch a ride with the Merchant ships too. Running out of money is a real problem. A cruise ship co. should have jumped on the possibilities!

  3. 5

    I understand the Royal Navy is going to rescue Brits stranded in the USA. You’d think they’d load up the ships with stranded Canadians and Americans for the trip over but I haven’t heard if that’s going to happen.

    Also, why didn’t stranded people in northern Europe go south and then fly to the US through southern France, Italy, Switzerland or Spain or Portugal? Would that work?

    Of course, they’d have to take a train to get to the southern European ports to either fly or hop a ship going west. It would be worth a try and waste so much time sitting around waiting. More fun, too, than flying. A little shuffle board…

    Just my thoughts! 😀

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      grouchow said,

      That Royal Navy thing I hadn’t heard about, thanks for the heads up. And, yes, some folks probably did re route themselves but I am not sure a ship with a more direct route wouldn’t have been a little cheaper. I think the air traffic patterns from Europe don’t fly direct but loop up to the northern hemisphere and not straight across Atlantic. Not too sure about this thought though. Plus, there are all the connections air travelers have to make. 😦 I still think an Ocean Liner would have been more pleasant and quicker for most at this point in time. lol I imagine the airlines want to hold the folks hostage at the airports 😦 . Thanks for the reply.

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    I thought that at least in some cases this had been done. What a mess for travelers.

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      grouchow said,

      And this morning I heard some folks were still there, broke, living on credit. A cruise ship (or any ship) after this length would have been a welcome sight a week ago. Air travel is not the end all but shipping companies surely didn’t pick up on this one! Ships could have given a discount and still made money.

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    Sally Franz said,


    LOL I took a Master Gardener’s class. I was almost a drop out. I needed tutoring to finish the dang course. But somehow at the end of the day when you secretly go out and find one berry on a bush or (if you have lots of berries and lots of birds) the one last berry…even if it’s bitter…it’s a sweet victory over the dirt and elements.

    But to be clear, buying expensive imported organic foods is about half the price of growing your own. Yet and still, it does get me out of the house and off the streets. So I am a menace only to the weeds- seems fair.

    Sally Franz, Author
    ScrambledLeggs Net

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