Spring has Sprung Picture Update

I took a few pictures of this Spring’s fruit tree blossoms.  After the very hard winter we had here it is nice to get outside and, of course, now we are having unusually high temperatures.  Almost 90 today!

I am trying to sell my rotor tiller so I am doing my vegetable garden by hand.  I do have a nice tool, Garden Weasel Claw, and it does  a nice job.  Just am doing a row at a time and not the whole garden.  Easier on these old bones!

This is the newest arrival to the garden, a thorn-less Blackberry bush. I planted it last week and it already has blossoms this week! Maybe I’ll get one berry.

I know I am going to have a bunch of blueberries this year! My little bush is just loaded with blossoms.

Check out these strange little butter cup type plants.  They come up all over the place even in between other flowers.  I wonder if anyone knows their real name?  The are pretty so I don’t even try to get rid of them.  They die off after spring anyway.

I took this picture of my Damson Plum tree but it was a little late to catch all the blossoms. All the leaves are on now but I do have a picture of it in full bloom in my archives, under the Home and Garden category.

Now, this is pretty.  I just love the blossoms.  The dwarf Peach Tree is so loaded with flowers.  I just hope I can snag some before the squirels around here get them.

The dwarf apple should do better than last year too.  It, also, helps when there is another apple tree in the neighbor’s yard. *giggles*

This is a snap of the Asian Pear.  They are so expensive around here maybe I can sell a few of them at work!  Extra cash.  Hopefully, I will get a good crop this year.

Last but not least is the Pomegranate bush.  This just shows the leaves emerging.  Orange flowers come later in the season.  I will have to take out any dead wood later, you know,  when I see nothing is growing on the branches.

That is all for an update today.  More to come as the garden progresses.  If  you would like to read some of the history of this yard and garden just check out the archives to the right side bar and look for post one in Home and Garden.

Thanks for reading my postings.

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  1. 1

    Wow, very impressive! It is just beginning…more and more yard work taking care of all the pretties. Good exercise but I’m pooped already just thinking about it!

  2. 2

    gloria said,

    i love all you plant. enjoy… i love the damson plum ,i one…one

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