Health Care – Congress Stinks!!!!! – Poser

What is wrong with our Congress???  ……… Health Care Plan  stinks!

Too may pages and much too much of us (people of these United States) cannot even comprehend the language of these sleazy ball Politicians!  😦

Sleazy deals……. Sleazy Promises…… Congress (and even the media) keeps talking about Medicare problems……. it isn’t Medicare that is the problem it is MediCAID !!!

The Dems and Reps are all in on it together because once this freakin’ health care plan  is passed… we are all screwed.

Medicare people have a supplementary insurance company to cover extra costs…… Medicaid doesn’t!   How come no one ever mentions that?  Medicaid is already on everyone’s backside.

Give me a break, Medicaid is where the problem is and that is what the Congress is doing.  Trying to cover Medicaid’s butt.  Hell,  lets put some more welfare on paying people!


I wrote this two days ago and forgot to publish.

I watched television all day yesterday of the congressional proceedings.  Today, I am worn out and just totally depressed because the shady dealings of our Congress.  It has rendered me speechless.

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    They just won’t listen to the ‘little’ people. oBama is trudging forward to TRANSFORM our country and ignore our Constituion. We must remain passionate and vote em out this fall. The fraud occurring now is costing us dearly. Just wait till he gets the ball rolling on immigration reform…he needs to get all the illegals legal so they can vote for the dems. I am just sick about it all….

    • 2

      grouchow said,

      You have that right! I can’t wait till elections get here! And I just heard about that illegal thing today have to investigate that one a bit more too!!! A new version of amnesty attached to the health care??? wtf is that all about? Too much for the brain to take in!!!

  2. 3

    Read Sunflowers post on Too Little Too Late that has a video everyone should see.

  3. 5

    I couldn’t agree with you more.
    My dad, now 94, was in the hospital for 3 days. On the day he was being dismissed, he got a new plastic washbasin, new pitcher, lotions and a variety of other personal products, new ELECTRIC razor (battery operated made in China) and tissues. He didn’t use ANY of this stuff ’til he got home! But you can believe Medicare was charged for it!!! Or how about the ads for incontinence products? Shows people running around, enjoying themselves, but they can have supplies SHIPPED to their door at no charge? No fees? They can’t go to the store themselves? No wonder the system is broke!!!
    There are now 3 things in life a person has to do! Die, pay taxes, and buy health insurance!

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