Congress Whimps – Poser

What the heck is wrong with our Congress?

Has Senator Pelosi lost her mind?  Asking the House to vote on the Health Care bill that members haven’t seen or haven’t even read.  (Don’t forget the little hidden agendas like controlling student loans!)

Is it even written yet?

And are the Representatives such irresponsible wimps that they are afraid to take responsibility for a vote?

Has the Senate and the House lost it as well?

Are the House and Senate  members are  just a bunch of guppies that are scared to vote up or down on this health care package?

If the minority party, Republicans, know that the Democrats don’t have the votes they need to pass this bill then why haven’t they DEMANDED a Vote?  Can’t the Republicans call  for one?

What is the fear of the Republicans if they are so sure this bill couldn’t pass right now?

I am not partial to one party or another.  When an elected official is honest and does right by his constituents, I am on their side.  But these people in Washington have lost touch with reality and the people who voted them into office.  They need to abide by the Constitution the way it was written and NOT keep trying to find loop holes to get around it.  Stop being so power hungry!!  Stop trying to sneak out of Your Responsibility to do what is right.

listen…….  Judge Napolitano

watch…… Glen Beck

read…. “Original Intent” by David Barton Bio. David Barton


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  1. 1

    Jim said,

    All the politicians are going to drown when it rains because
    they have their noses stuck so far up in the air.
    They’re all arrogant, every last one of them.

    I say vote them all out next election!

  2. 3

    transparnc said,

    Obama and Pelosi want to rush the Vote so that others cannot read the 2200 page bill. For if they read the Bill, they would find even more issues with it.
    2 issues that I heard at a House of Reprentative session on C-Span the other day regarding what would happen if the HCRB were to pass are the following >>

    1) the US Government would have access to the Medical Records of US Citizens. And we all know the Pitfalls of that one!!
    2) the US Government would have access to people’s Bank Accounts, because they would have the ability to withdraw funds for mandatory health insurance.
    And we all know where that could lead!!
    In addition, does anyone hear Big Brother shouting out Loud & Clear!!!!

    With the above being said, Pelosi is a nutjob. Her make-up artist should go find him/herself another job…..and not in the make-up business!!
    Pelosi looks like she has sticks prodding her eyes open. Half the stuff coming out of her mouth makes no sense at all.
    She should go look for another job. Well she will most likely have to go Job Hunting in less than 3 years because her days of being a Mouthpiece for Obama are numbered.

  3. 4

    You are so right!
    It (the cost) will go into effect IMMEDIATELY and yet the actual health care benefits won’t happen for another 4-5 years!!! We can afford DOUBLE until then? We can’t afford what we have now.
    And if it is mandatory to have health insurance or pay a fine, now we won’t have to choose between medicine and food! Now we will have to choose between food for our families or fines on a health care benefit we can’t afford!!! Can our children eat health care?
    Our state has mandatory car insurance. People have to choose now whether to pay for the insurance and drive to their job and not have money for the kids or risk going without insurance to put food on the table. If you get caught without, lose your license (possibly job too) and get a huge fine. How does that feed the kids? Seems terribly backwards to me since most people who do have insurance carry uninsured and under-insured anyway.
    Making health insurance mandatory is just one more step in government control.
    Everyone needs to call and make their voices heard!!!!!

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