New Spring Season

Wow, I am getting excited!  Gardening season is just around the corner.

With such a long harsh winter the temperatures are  finally starting to ease up and I’m starting to think about the vegetables and flowers again.  I even found two blooming Jonquils, picked them, and set them by the kitchen sink so I can admire them up close.

I went to Lowe’s the other day and got some weed and feed, a little lime, more seeds and a little Jiffy Greenhouse.  (Lots of other stuff but I won’t go into that!)  Came home and planted the little greenhouse in anticipation of my ground drying out a bit so I can get in there and turn the ground.  I did find a spot that was dry enough to plant two rows of radishes.  Little steps work too.  More as things progress.

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    Supergranny said,

    I was just wondering how many green thumbs you’ve got? I’ve got two non-green thumbs…you must have really green green-thumbs! Lucky you…I’m green with envy…

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