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Health Care – Congress Stinks!!!!! – Poser

What is wrong with our Congress???  ……… Health Care Plan  stinks!

Too may pages and much too much of us (people of these United States) cannot even comprehend the language of these sleazy ball Politicians!  😦

Sleazy deals……. Sleazy Promises…… Congress (and even the media) keeps talking about Medicare problems……. it isn’t Medicare that is the problem it is MediCAID !!!

The Dems and Reps are all in on it together because once this freakin’ health care plan  is passed… we are all screwed.

Medicare people have a supplementary insurance company to cover extra costs…… Medicaid doesn’t!   How come no one ever mentions that?  Medicaid is already on everyone’s backside.

Give me a break, Medicaid is where the problem is and that is what the Congress is doing.  Trying to cover Medicaid’s butt.  Hell,  lets put some more welfare on paying people!


I wrote this two days ago and forgot to publish.

I watched television all day yesterday of the congressional proceedings.  Today, I am worn out and just totally depressed because the shady dealings of our Congress.  It has rendered me speechless.


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Congress Whimps – Poser

What the heck is wrong with our Congress?

Has Senator Pelosi lost her mind?  Asking the House to vote on the Health Care bill that members haven’t seen or haven’t even read.  (Don’t forget the little hidden agendas like controlling student loans!)

Is it even written yet?

And are the Representatives such irresponsible wimps that they are afraid to take responsibility for a vote?

Has the Senate and the House lost it as well?

Are the House and Senate  members are  just a bunch of guppies that are scared to vote up or down on this health care package?

If the minority party, Republicans, know that the Democrats don’t have the votes they need to pass this bill then why haven’t they DEMANDED a Vote?  Can’t the Republicans call  for one?

What is the fear of the Republicans if they are so sure this bill couldn’t pass right now?

I am not partial to one party or another.  When an elected official is honest and does right by his constituents, I am on their side.  But these people in Washington have lost touch with reality and the people who voted them into office.  They need to abide by the Constitution the way it was written and NOT keep trying to find loop holes to get around it.  Stop being so power hungry!!  Stop trying to sneak out of Your Responsibility to do what is right.

listen…….  Judge Napolitano

watch…… Glen Beck

read…. “Original Intent” by David Barton Bio. David Barton

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Gardening In Virtual World

Well, I can’t plant much in the ground with all the snow, cold and rainy days.  Plants are at least started indoors  and growing in their little peat pots.

As an alternative to boredom I’ve been growing a virtual garden in Farmville.  Crazy, I know, but I’m waiting for the ground to dry out in the real world.

Farm Ville Photo

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New Spring Season

Wow, I am getting excited!  Gardening season is just around the corner.

With such a long harsh winter the temperatures are  finally starting to ease up and I’m starting to think about the vegetables and flowers again.  I even found two blooming Jonquils, picked them, and set them by the kitchen sink so I can admire them up close.

I went to Lowe’s the other day and got some weed and feed, a little lime, more seeds and a little Jiffy Greenhouse.  (Lots of other stuff but I won’t go into that!)  Came home and planted the little greenhouse in anticipation of my ground drying out a bit so I can get in there and turn the ground.  I did find a spot that was dry enough to plant two rows of radishes.  Little steps work too.  More as things progress.

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Web Series – Creativity Poser

Do you like creativity? Would you like to decide how a story should end? Then…

Interesting Choice, a Webseries as You Like It, is a place you should visit. This is like a story on the go and you get to vote, in a poll, for the direction the story line will go!

If you have spent any time on the internet I am sure you have probably played a word story with internet friends where each person adds a sentence or line to create a fun story.  Well this is similar except the Producer puts the story line chosen into video to be viewed on the web.

Episode One is already playing.  Each week BlightProductions creates and posts the new segment. Also posted on  YouTube. Check this site out and become a Fan!

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