2010 Crazy Snow Storm East Coast

What a crazy snow storm we had on the East Coast! I have been shoveling snow all day (the day after)!!   Here is a video clip I made.

It is a bad video, I was hoping that the snowflakes would show up better. I am kind of new to the video thing. The cats didn’t like the snow either, lol!

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    Supergranny said,

    Ace, the poor camelias and the cats are too cute. Our cats do not like stepping in the cold snow either. They are inside kitties and rarely get out. Just a coupla fat cats that are spoiled…probably much like yours. Snow is pretty and white when it’s virgin..but when you step or drive in it…it’s just a mess. Tomorrow is groundhog day…maybe we’re almost there…to spring!

  2. 2

    davendeb1178 said,

    Yes it is so pretty when it first comes down!! My heart goes out to everyone back east. We have been having very mile weather out here in the Pacific North West. They are saying that January was the warmest month ever on record!! And they say that February is gonna be mild to. Give the credit to Elnino 🙂

    Stay warm!!


  3. 4

    MetzyMom said,

    Thank You for sharing. I love your videos and always feel as though I’m part of the family when I see them and read your blog.

  4. 6

    transparnc said,

    Love the Video.
    I am a Cat Lover to put it mildly 🙂
    I have 2 Cats. And help out with TNR

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