Haiti Earthquake – A Poser

Getting aid to the Haiti earthquake victims sure seemed to take quite a while. I have always been amazed that the news people could get to a devastated location so quickly. Even when Katrina hit the media were johnny on the spot!

What I don’t understand is that if the news people can get to a stricken area pretty quickly how come they cannot take some supplies, like water, to the victims too? Or do they?

I mean is there a regulation that says Broadcasters can’t give out supplies while they are out and about doing their reporting? Or do they?

I’m really curious. They report so I assume they have transportation. Is it possible that they do pass out what little they might be able to take with them?

I really appreciate the coverage these News agencies provide but can they or do they do a little more when it comes to providing a little assistance?

If the media folks do this, too. Can’t they toot their own horn about it once in a while?

Inquiring minds would be curious to know. Thanks.


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    Supergranny said,

    I see what you’re saying but after musing on this for awhile, I think they are there to make sure the news gets out to us…not to make news. I heard this morning that a helicopter was trying to unload supplies and was sieged by people to the point they had to take off without finishing. Another reporter said that all the money in the world can’t buy you fuel or a tire replacement for their vehicle..there’s none to be had…so I suspect they have their hands full trying to get the news out. Can you imagine if a correspondent and their 1 camera guy hauled out a case of water? they would be overrun. Better to leave the distribution to the folks that are there to do that.

    Such a terrible tragedy…did you read my latest blog and Carolyn’s comment? Now there’s a way to get help to a specific group of folks in dire straits.

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      grouchow said,

      SG, Your thoughts are well taken. I suppose there could be some problems but it just seems like some of these nice folks are more like first responders, than some of the governments that get involved. I guess I just wish they could have a bigger vehicle to get the supplies out to whoever they can. Oh my. The whole thing is just so tragic!

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