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2010 Crazy Snow Storm East Coast

What a crazy snow storm we had on the East Coast! I have been shoveling snow all day (the day after)!!   Here is a video clip I made.

It is a bad video, I was hoping that the snowflakes would show up better. I am kind of new to the video thing. The cats didn’t like the snow either, lol!


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Snow – Isn’t it New – Poser

SNOW – Isn’t it new?

Well for around here, yes!!  This kind of snow is rare for Virginia and North Carolina. The snow rolled into our area this am and it has been hanging around all day. Yikes, we even made the national news!  Don’t get me wrong we do get snow over the course of a year but it usually doesn’t amount to much.

I already brushed a lot of the snow off the cars because if it starts to melt it might be much harder to move.

This snowfall could even make the garden grow better come spring.

I’ll be posting a few video clips later on.

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Things Outside The Skin Perform – Poser

Things Outside the Skin are Performing again?

Wow, Yes….. Be there!

Well you know I have to promote both of my Sons, their Music and Band!  Its a given even if I do live to far away to attend.

More information at TOTSLand and  MySpace

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Haiti Earthquake – A Poser

Getting aid to the Haiti earthquake victims sure seemed to take quite a while. I have always been amazed that the news people could get to a devastated location so quickly. Even when Katrina hit the media were johnny on the spot!

What I don’t understand is that if the news people can get to a stricken area pretty quickly how come they cannot take some supplies, like water, to the victims too? Or do they?

I mean is there a regulation that says Broadcasters can’t give out supplies while they are out and about doing their reporting? Or do they?

I’m really curious. They report so I assume they have transportation. Is it possible that they do pass out what little they might be able to take with them?

I really appreciate the coverage these News agencies provide but can they or do they do a little more when it comes to providing a little assistance?

If the media folks do this, too. Can’t they toot their own horn about it once in a while?

Inquiring minds would be curious to know. Thanks.

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Joggers and Walkers – WHY – Poser

OK, it beats me!

When there are sidewalks and paths available, why do joggers and walkers have to do this activity in neighborhood streets? I’m not against exercise but all too often these enthusiastic folks are in the road. Why?

I live in an area that has parking on both sides of the narrow streets so there is pretty much just one lane available for cars to go down the road. Just maneuvering around the parked cars can be a challenge!

It is really annoying for the driver and dangerous for the jogger or walker. Especially when it is sunset or night!

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What is in our Food – A Poser

I watched a documentary, recommended by a friend, that I rented from Netflix. It was called Food Inc. filmmaker, Robert Kenner. After watching this documentary I could see that there were a few agendas that were being subtly touted.  Illegal aliens, unions, corporations.  I don’t necessarily agree with everything in this documentary but I do try and stay open minded when watching such movies because you always have to see both signs of a coin.

I am a proponent of free enterprise and capitalism but I can see, after watching this movie, that there are some serious flaws in the system. (Whats new?)  These flaws,  mostly due to government officials allowing so much of the abuse to happen because they are in the pockets of some of larger corporations.

It is outrageous to know that our U.S. farmers are being controlled or put out of business if they don’t comply with strict rules. Genetic design and patents. Corn products in just about everything! Wow.

After watching this movie,  I know I have been right to avoid some of the produce that comes from other countries and I do grow my own vegetables when I can.   I stopped eating produce that wasn’t in season and produced in the United States a long time ago because I don’t know what chemicals are being used in South America or in the containers where the produce ripens.  I just didn’t know that I was going to have to seriously keep an eye out on everything else.  If  it is grown in a foreign country we should be aware, don’t you think?

I rented the DVD from Netflix but you can also see the whole movie in its entirity at YouTube This is the link to the Movie on YouTube.  Food, Inc. covers a lot of territory and I really was enlightened.

This is a short movie trailer,  also,  provided by

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New Year Wishes 2010

Just wanted to wish all my readers,  shoppers and friends a very prosperous New Year!

And a heart felt thank you for following this blog.

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