Nor’Easter Videos – A Personal Experience

Northeaster Storm or the Nor’ Easter.

What a mess and this is our personal experience.  It always seems like the worst things happen when you are asleep.

I shot these very unprofessional video clips to chronicle specifically for this blog.  Then life got in the way and I forgot.  Till we got hit with another storm!  And, another flood.  Not the same kind of storm but unrelenting rains on an already saturated ground.

We are in a low area.   We can do high tides on their own and we can handle ground saturation in a stand-alone situation.   When we get both at the same time, forget it, it’s all over and the basement will flood.  😦

This is a four-part video show.

Part One is of the heavy rains and standing water.


Part Two is of the 4 inches of water that arrived in the basement and a clip of the high water from the river covering the road into our neighborhood, making it impassible.


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  1. 1

    jaswood2 said,

    All I can say is, sure glad we don’t have a basement.

    What a mess that storm caused for you.

    • 2

      grouchow said,

      It took days to clean up. The last hurricane we had wasn’t as bad or as damaging. They tend to go through really fast and the water leaves pretty quick too. Thanks for the post.

  2. 3

    Fleapirates said,

    What a mess! I read your posts, but it really sinks in when you can see the video. I can hardly believe you went out in that rain to get the night video!

    Great Job, A’s. Glad it is over for you and that your new system survived!

    • 4

      grouchow said,

      That was a crazy night, lol. I was just happy the wind gusts didn’t knock me down! When I went out I didn’t think it was all that bad but when I turned the corner …….. there was the wind. BTW my camera was in a zip lock bag. I wasn’t sure if it was water proof, hence the un-clarity of the segment. Thanks for the reply.

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