Nor’Easter Videos – A Personal Experience Part 2

North Easter Storm.  The last two videos.

The next video shows the aftermath and a short walk to where I went the night before where the road was flooded over by the river.

The storm is gone and I can’t believe people are just starting to pump their basements.  I guess a lot of  folks wait till it is over before they bother.  I have stuff in our basement,  mainly a new heating system.  So it is vital that we keep the water low.

Sometimes I am amazed that this old house, built in 1914 is still standing.  But she is a hardy old bird!  I didn’t make a video of the second storm because it was just about the same.  Just a little less height in the water because we were awake when it started coming in.

I think I will just leave everything hooked up for the rest of the season!  You know to be safe. 🙂


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    Supergranny said,

    Wow, what a mess. I had an experience once with a torrential rain and the sump pump in the basement that died…ended up hauling it up the stairs and dumping out back to keep the basement close to dry. I always wondered where you are supposed to dump the water? It seeps in from outisde…we bucketed it up and up the stairs and dumped it in the far back yard…then, wouldn’t it just seep back into the basement? Very perplexing? OK, so a brain trust I am not!!

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