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Nor’ Easter – Yikes Another One

Well, another North Eastern Storm came crashing through!   This time the sump pump seems to be keeping up with the tidal flooding.  Certainly not as bad as the last storm, at least not for us. Our friends to the west and north certainly are getting hammered!

We escaped with only a light dusting of snow when the temperatures fell.

The Nor’ Easter really dumped a lot of rain though. The ground is so saturated from the previous two storms. I am happy to report, that this evening, we only have a few streams running over the basement floor. So far so good!   High tide arrives again in just an hour but I count us a lot luckier than most on the East Coast!  🙂


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Nor’Easter Videos – A Personal Experience Part 2

North Easter Storm.  The last two videos.

The next video shows the aftermath and a short walk to where I went the night before where the road was flooded over by the river.

The storm is gone and I can’t believe people are just starting to pump their basements.  I guess a lot of  folks wait till it is over before they bother.  I have stuff in our basement,  mainly a new heating system.  So it is vital that we keep the water low.

Sometimes I am amazed that this old house, built in 1914 is still standing.  But she is a hardy old bird!  I didn’t make a video of the second storm because it was just about the same.  Just a little less height in the water because we were awake when it started coming in.

I think I will just leave everything hooked up for the rest of the season!  You know to be safe. 🙂

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Nor’Easter Videos – A Personal Experience

Northeaster Storm or the Nor’ Easter.

What a mess and this is our personal experience.  It always seems like the worst things happen when you are asleep.

I shot these very unprofessional video clips to chronicle specifically for this blog.  Then life got in the way and I forgot.  Till we got hit with another storm!  And, another flood.  Not the same kind of storm but unrelenting rains on an already saturated ground.

We are in a low area.   We can do high tides on their own and we can handle ground saturation in a stand-alone situation.   When we get both at the same time, forget it, it’s all over and the basement will flood.  😦

This is a four-part video show.

Part One is of the heavy rains and standing water.


Part Two is of the 4 inches of water that arrived in the basement and a clip of the high water from the river covering the road into our neighborhood, making it impassible.

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Holiday Slide Show

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Obama’s First State Dinner – Poser

President Obama and his wife Michele had their first State Dinner for India’s Prime Minister.  You can read about all the details and opulence in this  CBS report.

But what is wrong with this picture?

I heard a rumor that the dress Michele Obama wore cost $47,000 dollars.  Now let me state, right here and now, that I haven’t been able to verify this cost and the cost of the overall party.  I haven’t found an article showing what the expenses might have been.

I read an article on the internet from the Wall Street Journal but the part of the interview with Naeem Khan (the dress designer) only mentioned that his dresses usually go for about 5 to 15 thousand dollars.  The statement about the dress being priceless didn’t really satisfy my curiosity because it seemed to imply that the dress was a gift!  I find it incredibly hard to believe this designer paid 40 people a salary without any compensation to himself!  Or for the employees?

(I went to the FOIA (Freedom of Information Act) website to see if I could find out the facts.  I found the government’s site a little daunting!  I will keep trying to learn.)

I have been thinking about this all week.  Trying to figure out the hypocrisy.  I know parties are nice and some are necessary for Capitol Hill.   But do these parties  really have to cost so much?  Does the White House really have to have a tent with chandeliers?

I am sure that the total amount spent on the State Dinner could have gone to better causes.  You know like food for the homeless, getting a few folks housing, perhaps a little medical help for a few folks.  Don’t you think the excessive money, spent on this shin dig, could have been better spent?

ARE  our tax payer dollars are getting totally squandered!  My two cents worth of confusion???!!!???

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