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What Happened to my Computer? A Poser

What happened to my computer?

I got a malware virus, YIKES.¬† My computer was a mess and my Son came to the rescue! Poor guy spent the whole Thanksgiving holiday on my computer because I went (unknowingly) to a malicious web site. ūüė¶

Now, of course, he has a leash on me. So, things aren’t quite right just yet. Still have to get all the files working and cleaned up. But at least I am back on line. ūüôā


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Wutz Up With Halloween – Poser

What is wrong with this Halloween picture? 

I don’t want to be negative about a, once, delightful, event for children BUT I simply can’t take it any more!¬† This will be my last year for giving out treats to the children.¬† The adults in my area have just ruined it for me and their kids.

This Halloween I just couldn’t believe the number of¬†“Adults”, coming around with infants, in strollers.¬† Although, the babies were wearing costumes, they could neither walk or chew candy but the parents with No other small child in site, ¬†came up on the porch to retrieve candy for the infant.¬† About ten of those senerios!¬†

And, since when have Adults escorting groups of children think they are entitled to a candy reward?  Coming to the door with their own pillow cases!!  What is up with that?

I, as a¬†giver of candy,¬†shouldn’t be put into a position where I would have to call another person on the carpet.¬† I don’t want to give anyone the opportunity to have an altercation with me over a candy bar.¬† Just too many lunie tunes walking the streets these days.¬† ¬†ūüė¶¬†

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Virginia Elections 2009 – Poser

Am I happy? 

I voted today and I normally don’t vote for Republicans, as I am a Constitutionalist by nature.¬† This year I voted totally Republican, ¬†just to get some of¬†the fools, in office,¬†out of power.¬† Even if it is only in our fine Commonwealth.¬†¬†

I am happy that the tides have turned in Virginia and New Jersey. Still have my fingers crossed for the State of New York.

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