John Stossel Moved to Fox? – Poser

What?  John Stossel Moved to Fox? 

I was delightfully surprised when I saw John Stossel on the Glen Beck TV show just last week.  Then I received an email from a friend and they told me that John Stossel had been asked to part company from ABC.  Primarily because a broadcast about the new proposed health care plan. 

I think I live such a sheltered life that I thought this might be a sham,  so I snooped around some of the WordPress Blogs and found these blogs with some information,  their posts were written in September and October 2009.  Then I found a link to the New York Post  Of course, now I know just how out of touch I am!   Geesh, where have I been?  Glen Beck even has John Stossel’s interview on his web site under “interviews”

 Then, I went to and found this video!  Apparently, this is part of the show that didn’t sit to well with ABC.  So, just incase some of you folks out there are like me, out of the loop so to speak, you can see the clip here too.


Apparently,  This show was broadcast in July.  I missed it because I seldom watch ABC anymore.  Most of the programs are no longer interesting to me, being either to fluffy or a little too liberal for me.   I find CBS to be a little more entertaining and Fox is where I find most of my news.

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    Supergranny said,

    Oh my, yes, I knew and was very happy. I wondered how he stayed at ABC so long since he was obviously the round peg trying to be stuffed into that liittle square hole. He is a true libertarian…says what he believes..which is always refreshing.

    Great post!!

  2. 2

    Fleapirates said,

    I am just floored. We need more people like Stossel! Gonna have to switch my channels for the news.

    The healthcare debate is a big one for me. I had not seen this report, and I thank you for sharing it.

  3. 3

    grouchow said,

    SG….. I know what you mean. He was always the round getting stuffed into the square! While reading up on this topic, apparently, there were a few reports he couldn’t even air.

    Pirates…… Health care is also a biggie for me but the new Treaty that the President want to sign in December may make us part of a global union under the guidelines of the International United union. I haven’t gotten more details yet but it has something to do with cap and trade. And we will never be able to bow out. (Just heard about this this evening!)

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