OLA Brigade Tours Iowa!

Friends at www.onlineauction.com getting together to have some fun in the real world.

  Passing out literature and business cards from many of our members and wading through tons of mud to boot.  The Flea Market in Iowa will never be the same!

Video provided by FleaPirates and DraggonTagger.

Of course you can click this logo to view a couple of things I am selling too.



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    Supergranny said,

    I think I saw where the Fleapirates Video Co just won the Academy Award for best picture…..but…oh wait…..the actual movie hasn’t been made yet….excuse me, that was the other person that won that other prize……

  2. 3

    Fleapirates said,

    Thanks for sharing this, A’s! 🙂

    We sure had a wonderful time! I’d love to make this a tradition! Meeting DraggonTagger in person was the BEST! You know you like someone on the internet… but when you actually “meet” it’s like re-connecting with an old friend.

  3. 5

    I enjoyed that video so much! Fle did a super job putting it together — but even more importantly it was so cool to see the OLA gang in action storming the Flea Market! I’m sure you impressed everyone you handed a postcard to — we might see them online very soon! 😀

  4. 6

    grouchow said,

    Sun….. I know what you mean. What a fun day they had and Draggon was so good collecting all of that advertising from all of us. Then the fun work of passing all that stuff out. I know it must have been an OLA barage!! 🙂

  5. 7

    Thank you DraggonTagger & Fleapirates. You girls done good. Hope you are all dried out after your mud bath.

  6. 8

    I enjoyed this video a lot! and the best part was the muddy shoes. Good work:)

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