Congressional Pay Raise A Poser

Congressional Pay Raise? 

I wasn’t really sure if what a friend of mine told me was true, so I started surfing the internet and found several articles on the subject.  And, the pay raise is not a I know that the members of Congress have lost it, once again.  In these tough economic times, unemployment on the rise, loosing homes and bail out after bail out.  Why is our Congress continually trying to impoverish the citizens of this United States?

Yet, they seem to be able to stroke themselves a pay increase with our taxpayer dollars.  Very nice, huh? What a crock!

Here are two detailed articles I discovered on the web. 

Council For Citizens Against Government Waste and Unfettered Letters

Just wait till I get to the polls for the next elections!  Grrrrr


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  1. 1

    Supergranny said,

    Absolutely maddening!!! I heard a news piece this morning on the airlines want passengers to make sure they have gone to the bathroom BEFORE entering the plane…less weight in our bladders thus making less of a carbon footprint because of added weight!!

    OMGB! What will they think of next?

  2. 2

    fleapirates said,

    Greed… and it abounds on both sides of the political arena. Good luck at the polls!

  3. 3

    These bozos have cut themselves a fat cat (us) and they take full advantage of it. I would say unbelievable but unfortunately it is all too believable.

  4. 4

    Great post & discussion!! If you think this is bad, if this old crowd gets re-elected in 2010, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! They might as well scrap the Constitution — they’re just ignoring it now — and declare themselves all rulers for life and be done with it. I urge each and every one of you to work hard to dump the greedy bast**ds and elect people who are willing to repeal the crazy pork bills, restore the Constitution and will actually listen to their constituents! What a concept!! A Congressman who will do as we ask them to do!!! Duh!! They work FOR us. Oh, yeah, right, like tell it to the Marines — these bozos are plundering our pockets and laughing about it. It’s got to end. It will end. But WE have to get off our collective duffs and do something about it!! We have about a year. Let’s do it!!

    • 5

      grouchow said,

      Well, come November 3rd, I plan on marching down to the polls and voting every incumbant out! I would vote for anyone who would run against them!!! Unfortunately, all to often they don’t have any challengers. In that case I will write myself in ballot because I won’t let them have a shut out/landslide making people think we all love them. NEVER!
      Wait till ya hear what they are trying to do with the school system here! Talk about dumbing down America. Geeezzz 😦

    • 6

      davendeb1178 said,

      I wish that these idiots would have to live in our shoes just one month, even a week! I bet they don’t have to stretch their prescription medicines out so they will last or even run out and can’t get more til payday! And even come payday you still really don’t have the money to get the much needed pills but have to have them regardless, so something else gets to go unpaid again!
      I think they are all pathetic and it makes me sick! All I can say about the current administration is I sure didn’t put them in there! At least I can feel good about that. It’s just so sad that they all sit in their nice comfy jobs while others are standing in food bank lines hoping for a meal!
      As I said I wish they could live in our shoes even for a short while, bet things would be different!!

      • 7

        grouchow said,

        Yes and they serve a term and their benifits are gooshy for life. I am going to the polls and vote everyone of them out, that I can. As far as I see it, most of them suckers are totally self serving! We get to scrounge the carp and pay higher taxes! I am fuming about all of this change going on. We have to live on budgets, with higher taxes, and those guys can dream up another vacation trip (under the guise of business) on our tax payer dollar. I swear, I don’t think Congress remembers what a BUDGET really is!! Just slap the voters in the face and charge it to the taxpayer!!! 😦

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