Garden Journal Chapter 30

The Recovery of the Yard and Garden

After all of the turmoil of hunting for water as per previous posts.  The recovery of the yard is happening and things are finally starting to grow back.

If you don’t remember here are some before pictures of the digs.  It was a mess in the garden and on the side yard leading to the house.  All those pvc pipes and something called an injector had to be removed and then recovered. What a mess! 😦



The flowers below got really shocked but they are coming back and recovering very nicely.  🙂

After all this disturbance,  the side is finally recovering a bit.  Some grass is starting to grow back and I transplanted some flowers and lariopie next to the lemon grass, which has grown by leaps and bounds. I moved the lariopie from the location where the new heat system had to be located.  They seem to be doing well, so far.

Then a little surprise!  You can always tell it is the end of Summer when the Spider Lilies show up.  They are just such a pretty hot pink in color.  The ones I have planted around the yard, in the grass, flower beds, and garden all come up at different times because of how much light they get from the sun.  With all the work going on in this yard I was glad they showed up again!  I guess they are pretty hardy.

These Lilies are just starting to bloom.

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  1. 1

    Supergranny said,

    Your yard will be as good as new by spring. Do those lillies pop up and grow at breakneck speed, bloom, and then just sort of disappear? I have one at the corner of the house that comes up every year, from what I remember looks like yours. Always wondered what the heck it was.

  2. 3

    Looks like a lot of work going on here. We’ve been working on ours too, but it’s very slow going.

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