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Well Digging Over – Cool Air In

Happy, Cool Days! 

What an experience all this has been.  With fingers crossed, I hope nothing goes wrong with the new system.  We finally decided to have a Carrier Heating and Air Conditioning system installed.  So we shall see just how efficient it will be in comparison to the original water to air that we once had.  On the bright side, I must admit that the new system is extremely quiet.  

In conclusion to this little saga… Relief from the heat we have been suffering with for the last 3 months.  We are cool and comfortable. Thank goodness!


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Well Digging Conclusion

Is there a Conclusion on Digging a Water Well?

If you were reading my Garden Journal you know the end result of all of this digging has ended in an abysmal disaster because the well could not produce enough water that was needed to run my water to air heating and air conditioning system! 

The well digging company did give us a partial refund but I really feel that we were entitled to the whole amount.  It wasn’t our fault that they could not get the job done. We laid out a lot of money from start to finish. 

  • First, had to hire a well inspector to find out just what had happened. Paid him about $150.00.  

  • Second, contracted with well digging company who said this would be a piece of cake.  Ha!

  • Third, had to pay the State $200.00 to even get permission to sink the well, takes two weeks for approval. You would think that a heating and a/c system would take precedence over a well for a sprinkler system. 

  • Fourth, hired a contractor to take part of the fence and gate down so the truck would have access to the site. Then, of course, the fence and concrete portion of driveway had to be re-installed when the well was dug. Paid nearly $500.00 for that.

  • Fifth, paid for extra water to fill truck’s water tank on site due to the weight of the truck potentially causing damage to the very new driveway and sewage lines underneath.

  • Sixth, as stated above. Had to still pay $1,300 just to be told that my system could not be used because the well digging company could not get the water from the location we were allowed to dig in.

  • Seven, let me not forget to mention that a new compressor for $1,600 had been newly installed in our water to air heat system just this spring.

  • Eight, bought a new pump too.

The conclusion to all this time, over three months, and expense is that we have to install an Air to Air system.  Which is not as energy efficient or economical as the system we had in this home for at least 25 or 30 years. 

I just got a call from my Mechanical Guy and he said he would be starting the dismantle process tomorrow.  Maybe we will finally see an end.  Not exactly the one I wanted to see!



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