Well Digging 4 the Water – Video

Here is another video I put together to show you what was going on while the team was sinking the well for our central a/c and heating system.  The first well was sunk to about 120 feet but they could not find any water.  Ooops! All the pipes had to come back out.  They, then, moved the truck, ever so slightly and started again.  We were told that the second well was down 27 feet and that they had found good water.  This team then cleaned up and told us that the next crew, would be coming in three days to plumb everything to the pump.  Woohoo. 

Happiness was in the air until the crew came and told us the well was really only at 13 feet.  Panic because we had, the contractor (who removed the fence) came back and put the fence back up.  So, the only option for the men was to come back and sink the pipes deeper the old fashioned way, manually.  We certainly didn’t want to take the fence down again!

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