Water Well Digging – Heat and A/C ?! YIKES

The Water Well went Dry – Oh My Goodness!!

I have started this particular section of my blog with two previous posts from my Garden Journal.  As this seems to be an on going saga. Let me recap just a little.  I have a very old house (built in 1914) and have lived here for 12 years.  The Hubs and I have done upgrades at every opportunity.  This one just seems to take the cake! 

We started on this trek about 3 months ago.  Our existing heating and a/c system has been in the house for about 20 to 25 years.  The system was at that point very top of the line!!  Since we have lived here it has been a wonderful, energy efficient, economical system.  I have loved it because even with a balloon structure home (no insulation between inside and outside walls) we have always had exceptional heating and air conditioning bills, compared to others around us.  But, as you see with my previous Garden Journal posts.  The water well finally went dry!

Before we realized that we had no water we had purchased two new pumps.  (I will probably try to sell those locally, trying to recover anything I can.)  Just this Spring we had to have a new compressor installed in the system because the old one died.  Only problem was that they didn’t make them anymore and we had to have one built. 

When we found out that we needed a new well, it was already two weeks.  First called my trusty faithful Mechanical Guy, no dice…. he said no water was incoming.  Then made a call to well digging folks.  Another week goes by.  Well checker guy comes and gives us the bad news.  Next crew comes to give us estimates, prices and what will have to be done.  Have to make a copy of plot.  Have to send to the State (EPA/Health Dept, I guess) to get permission to put a new well.  It, apparently, doesn’t matter that the existing well was here for so long!  NEW rules!!  This takes another two weeks because they are short handed due to cut backs in their budget.  This, btw, cost another two hundred dollars! 

Finally, we get permission to dig.  Have to hire seperate contractor to take fence down and then, of course, put fence back up after job is done.  Another $500.00 dollars. 

Then the truck comes.  We pay extra water charges to the city so we can have the truck come without water.  Fill it up on site because the new driveway might bust from the weight of the truck.  This is necessary because our main city sewage line lies just beneath the new driveway!  Don’t want that sewage lines to break.  

The truck has finally arrived and here is a clip of the progress.   Then, this Saga will continue. 

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