Garden Journal – Chapter 29

I am so sad.  Now that my little garden has been torn up for the installation of a new water well we got the bad news today.  Not enough water to run our water to air heating / air conditioning system.  And to think we live only a block away from water!

You see, new State rules are in place. My previous water well system is not grandfathered, even though it is very energy efficient and cost effective.  Now, we sit here in all this heat after two months, going on three, waiting for estimates to have an air to air system installed!!  I could just cry thinking what heating and cooling costs will be now.  Very sad day.  


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    Supergranny said,

    Oh, Ace, such a heartbreak! Miserable in the heat plus your garden is torn up! We have central air that increases our electric bill about $60 a mth in the 100+ degree summer but we feel it is well worth it. It’s one of those necessary evils. Only thing we’re worried about is how expensive will electricity be if ‘cap & trade’ is passed!!??

    Look up…this too shall pass! Hugs to you, Judy

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    Oh, Ace, how awful!! Once you put the money out to finally have something new installed, you can expect to pay possibly that much each cooling season, once the cap & tax goes thru. We had a two month period last winter that cost us $500 for electricity. Figures I’ve heard will put that up to between $1000 and $1500 for two months [if we have another frigid winter.]

    I think you can thank your own particular set of lying politicians for the mess you’re in. Try to salvage your garden, but for heaven’s sake, use the time you’d have used in the garden to work hard to dump those creeps that passed that stupid law that you now are suffering under. Find out who did it and write letters to your local newspaper [if they’re in the tank, they won’t publish, but you never know] and get in touch with the opposition party and give them all the info and find out how they feel about it. Then volunteer your time to them to see that the creep gets voted out. It’s now or never. And you are just feeling the tip of the iceberg. It’s only local now, but add all the other noxious taxes you’ll be slammed with and you’ll be lucky to even have a house once they’re done with you. Good luck!! Keep fighting!! Turn those tears into action!!! ~SF

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      grouchow said,

      ……. and, My thoughts exactly, Sunflower! Unbelievable! Gonna check into what this geo-thermal stuff is. Electricity will become sooooo expensive! 😦

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