Garden Journal – Chapter 27

Half a Garden!?!

Nearly two months ago our heating and air conditioning system quit running.  Much to our chagrin, we found out that our unit was ok but the problem was with the well.  That had gone dry! Yikes. You see, we have a water to air heat pump. Now you know the background.
When the well diggers came they told us we would have to put the new well in the only spot available to the well digging rig.  In our Garden! Not only that but we would have to take down our gate to allow the truck access to the backyard. This has been a two month nightmare.  Waiting, waiting for permission to sink the well, getting a contractor to come and take down the Gate and part of the fence. Of course, that same contractor had to come back and put the gate and fence back up.  That meant that our new driveway needed to be torn up. Oh, then there is the Dogwood tree, the branches needed to be trimmed back because the well rig was so large.
If you follow this journal you have seen pictures of the garden before but here are a few recent ones. We have harvested plums, green beans, kohlrabi, lettuce and the list goes on and on, even though we have to fight with the critters we have been very lucky with the crops from our small garden.
While we were preparing for this event I took a few snaps. I just had to take a snap of the Morning Glory. My little bench corner.

But this is what the corner looks like now. This is where we had to store all the things we had to remove from the other side of the yard.

Here is a picture of where the fence and gate had to come down. You can see where we had to make our Dogwood look like a toothpick!

Then, here comes the truck.  My goodness!  I thought there was a whole house coming up our street.  The driver had a really interesting time getting into our small space. Backing into drive.

Finally backed in and parked.  See what I mean about a tight squeeze?

They were finally set up and ready to start drilling. The generator was positioned on the street.

This is where they let out the excess water.

  We have to dig in the silt they left us. Hopefully, we will be able to till it in with a little neutra green which should fortify the soil (a product we can get locally).
So there ya go, now you know why we only have half a garden.  It is gonna take some doing to get it straightened out but the job is still not done.  They have to come back and put an injector down in the ground.
I will get a picture of the dirt pile, once called a garden, with the next post. and if I get really creative, I will try to get some video capture on line and place it here.

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  1. 1

    catalpa220 said,

    What a monumental chore!! Made me ready for a wee nap just reading it. I am sure with your talent and never-ending energy(?) it will be back to its glory in short order…

  2. 2

    catalpa220 said,

    I keep forgetting to tell you I am Supergranny NOT catalpa 220…oh well, guess you could figure it out…

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