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Well Digging – Slide Show

Haunted Memories

I found this title in a slide show program I use called Smilebox at

I thought the title was humorous because we have had so many problems with trying to sink the water well for the heat and a/c system.  At this point I think this summer has been more like Halloween! 

The captions are a little small, hopefully, still legible.

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Well Digging 4 the Water – Video

Here is another video I put together to show you what was going on while the team was sinking the well for our central a/c and heating system.  The first well was sunk to about 120 feet but they could not find any water.  Ooops! All the pipes had to come back out.  They, then, moved the truck, ever so slightly and started again.  We were told that the second well was down 27 feet and that they had found good water.  This team then cleaned up and told us that the next crew, would be coming in three days to plumb everything to the pump.  Woohoo. 

Happiness was in the air until the crew came and told us the well was really only at 13 feet.  Panic because we had, the contractor (who removed the fence) came back and put the fence back up.  So, the only option for the men was to come back and sink the pipes deeper the old fashioned way, manually.  We certainly didn’t want to take the fence down again!

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Water Well Digging – Heat and A/C ?! YIKES

The Water Well went Dry – Oh My Goodness!!

I have started this particular section of my blog with two previous posts from my Garden Journal.  As this seems to be an on going saga. Let me recap just a little.  I have a very old house (built in 1914) and have lived here for 12 years.  The Hubs and I have done upgrades at every opportunity.  This one just seems to take the cake! 

We started on this trek about 3 months ago.  Our existing heating and a/c system has been in the house for about 20 to 25 years.  The system was at that point very top of the line!!  Since we have lived here it has been a wonderful, energy efficient, economical system.  I have loved it because even with a balloon structure home (no insulation between inside and outside walls) we have always had exceptional heating and air conditioning bills, compared to others around us.  But, as you see with my previous Garden Journal posts.  The water well finally went dry!

Before we realized that we had no water we had purchased two new pumps.  (I will probably try to sell those locally, trying to recover anything I can.)  Just this Spring we had to have a new compressor installed in the system because the old one died.  Only problem was that they didn’t make them anymore and we had to have one built. 

When we found out that we needed a new well, it was already two weeks.  First called my trusty faithful Mechanical Guy, no dice…. he said no water was incoming.  Then made a call to well digging folks.  Another week goes by.  Well checker guy comes and gives us the bad news.  Next crew comes to give us estimates, prices and what will have to be done.  Have to make a copy of plot.  Have to send to the State (EPA/Health Dept, I guess) to get permission to put a new well.  It, apparently, doesn’t matter that the existing well was here for so long!  NEW rules!!  This takes another two weeks because they are short handed due to cut backs in their budget.  This, btw, cost another two hundred dollars! 

Finally, we get permission to dig.  Have to hire seperate contractor to take fence down and then, of course, put fence back up after job is done.  Another $500.00 dollars. 

Then the truck comes.  We pay extra water charges to the city so we can have the truck come without water.  Fill it up on site because the new driveway might bust from the weight of the truck.  This is necessary because our main city sewage line lies just beneath the new driveway!  Don’t want that sewage lines to break.  

The truck has finally arrived and here is a clip of the progress.   Then, this Saga will continue. 

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Who Owns My House? – Poser

I wonder who owns my home? Me or the Government?

Cripe, I paid off my home and, now, I get the distinct pleasure of paying a property tax (rent to the city)  if I want to stay here the rest of my life!  Sort of like renting an apartment, just at a cheaper rate.  Well, I suppose, if you consider maintenance and repairs.  I guess I should be greatful!  lol

Although, those cheaper rent rates might not be happening if our city keeps going via the way of California.  Even if I can manage to hang on to it for the rest of my life, without getting taxed out of the house, will my kids even see any benefit from its sale?  Death taxes for them, Woopee!! 

Ain’t it wonderful?

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Garden Journal – Chapter 29

I am so sad.  Now that my little garden has been torn up for the installation of a new water well we got the bad news today.  Not enough water to run our water to air heating / air conditioning system.  And to think we live only a block away from water!

You see, new State rules are in place. My previous water well system is not grandfathered, even though it is very energy efficient and cost effective.  Now, we sit here in all this heat after two months, going on three, waiting for estimates to have an air to air system installed!!  I could just cry thinking what heating and cooling costs will be now.  Very sad day.  

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Congress Media Elections Socialized Medicine-Not a Poser

This is not a Poser This is A Rant!
Politics is always so controversial.  Each of us have our needs that come into play when we make decisions at the voting booth.  I was recently in a chat room and a discussion about politics arose.  These are some of my personal thoughts about today’s issues.

When I was younger I didn’t really pay much attention to elections.  I tended to get caught up in the media hype, I was even excited in elementary school when we were all hollering “I like IKE”!  Then, as you age, your life lessons come into play, some bad and some good.  That is when you start making better decisions when going to election booths.

Example of, what I consider, stupid congressional moves. I remember when I was younger, I could see no reason for medicare. I thought it should never come out of taxpayer moneys and that is really a HMO type of operation, really not far removed from socialized medicine.  But back then there were a lot of people approaching the age and they thought they would be better off.  I wonder how many people, that are forced into medicare at age 65, think that now?  There are so many of the elderly, that I talk with, that are so screwed because of the extra expenses it just makes me want to cry.  I am not far from being elderly and am approaching medicare.  I, still, have my reserved ideas about it because anytime the government forces a situation down our throats, I don’t like it!  But, the politicians suckered everybody in and now that the elderly are dependent on the government. Because of fear they just can’t let it go!  Now, we have no choice.

Socialized medicine is really scarry.  My Mother had to have her kidney removed last year. She is 81. When speaking to her Brother and Sisters, who live in Germany (Germany has socialized medicine) they told here she was lucky that she lived in the US because had she been in Germany there is a cap of 80 years old and surgery would not be covered in their system. Granted, if she wanted to pay for that same surgery, out of pocket, she could have it if she could find a doctor willing to operate. How many 81 year olds have enough money to pay for surgery out of pocket? 
On a side note.  If Insurance companies had not been allowed to flourish, I think we would still have Doctors making house calls!  

People that make the news, I say who cares about a small fish.  The media just focuses on the Palins and Jacksons so that it takes heat off the Congress when they start passing their own agendas.  Lets stab them (voters)in the back while they(us people) aren’t looking! You can complain all day long but it will never get us anywhere until we have a viable third party to stop both the Democrats and the Republicans. Unfortunately, the politicians are soooooo powerful that I probably will never see that day.  I will never stop trying though.

I have been an independent voter since long before Ross Perot.  My Hubs tells me that I waste my vote, every election.  Ha, I refuse to vote for the lesser of two evils.  My personal opinion, mind you.  Over the years I have  observed a lot and most of it has been watching politicians line the pockets of their friends with pork, themselves and totally waste taxpayer dollars.  I don’t blame any president, ever elected, for much because I see Presidents as nothing more then the figure head for the henchmen running the show (sort of like the Mayor of a city).  That would be the party in Power!

I cannot tell you the countless times I have written myself into a ballot because I refuse to vote for someone that has no opposition.  Our wonderful city has chosen to have a ward system to insure that some elected officials will never be thrown out of office!  I don’t even know why they bother to put them on the ballot when no one is running against them.  It sucks when I see this crap going on.  I don’t see the Presidential elections as much more promising.  Pretty much fixed to a two party system.

Politicians are mostly, in my personal opinion, nothing more than crooks dressed in nice suits and, occasionally, have law degrees.  If we want to see  Any Change, forget the Presidential office and get the Congress Ousted!

I don’t want to seem too negative but the way I see it…. the Mafia didn’t disappear they all just became lawyers and politicians!

My Son told me I had to conclude my rant with an ending and a solution.  So, I am.  If I had my way the Constitutional Party would be a great escape from the world of the Republicans and Democrats!

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Garden Journal – Chapter 28 – Videos

Distruction of my Little City Garden!

But, I guess heat and air conditioning takes a priority. 🙂

Here is my very bad rendering of some video footage I took while the well drilling was going on!  My itsy bitsy, already little, garden is now a wreck!  When I get better at this YouTube thing, I will post some better footage.  Meanwhile, here are two short clips.

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