Garden Journal – Chapter 24

May Garden Update

Watching your veggies growing every year is so much fun!  I guess because it is such hard labor when turning your ground over, your muscles are sore and you ache so bad after you’ve finished planting your seed. But then the good part is when you can sit back and enjoy the growth.  When you see the progress of things growing, knowing that you will be able to freeze much of it (that’s what I do) then eat it during the winter months.  Of course sharing with friends is rewarding as well.

This is a full shot of of my small garden. Green beans are the newest growth emerging.  Next to that small row are two more rows, newly planted, because I stagger the planting about two weeks apart.  When anything else like the lettuce, radish or kohlrabi are done growing new green bean plantings will go in those empty spots to.  When you have a small city space you need to take advantage of every opportunity and opening in your little garden. Don’t forget this garden is approximately 30 x 15 feet.

Look how the lettuce has progressed since I last posted.  We, my family and friends have savored the pick-ens.  The weather will be too hot soon so they will go into seed but meanwhile I just leave the plant in the ground and harvest the leaves from the bottom up. Radishes are just about finished too.

Shouldn’t be to long before the kohlrabi are totally mature. Hopefully the weather will stay cool in the evenings just a little while longer!

I took this picture of the peas last week.  They are blooming this week, wow!!

The Squash, Cantaloupe and Cucumbers are thriving nicely. The flowers I planted them in between will die back but meanwhile it slows weed growth.

Tomatoes and Bell Peppers are growing well.  I have planted transplants of Kohlrabi to take advantage of the space.  As they grow the leaves will spread and again keep weeds from growing under the tomatoes.  The kohlrabi will be done before the tomatoes get to large to block their sun.

I didn’t remember to post the Morning Glories in the last post.  They are finally coming through the wire which I had to use  to cover them with because the squirrels are too quick to dig in my pots!  Second time I planted these this year. Wire will keep those pesky critters out of the pots.


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    […] Original post by grouchow […]

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    Beautiful garden!!! The earth is so black and fine and the new growth that loveliest of greens. I hope the rest of the growing season is as successful as it has been so far — if so, you will have more than you know what to do with! [Not a bad thought by any means!] 🙂

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    supergranny said,

    WOW, my soil looks enemic next to your rich black gold! I’m just working hard to get my perennials to thrive….always is a struggle in the spring. Soil not rich and water is very hard.. probably good cuz it keeps me off the streets:)

  4. 4

    MetzyMom said,

    OK… as soon as I figure out how to post pictures on these blogs, I’ll do some of my garden too!!!

    I’ve got 3 kinds of tomato plants (about 30 plants in all because most of the tomatoes will be fried green tomatoes… lol…), cilantro, jalapenos, and green onions… that’s right!!! It’s a SALSA garden!!!

    • 5

      grouchow said,

      Salsa garden….. how clever. Very novel idea. I never thought to do something like that before. I’m just a basic kinda planter and do a lot to freeze the food for winter. I am having a lot of problems with my herbs. Not getting to lucky with those. 😦
      If ya need help with pictures in blogs I am only familiar with Blogger and WordPress. With those I could lend a hand. 🙂 Thanks for the post.

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